Taking a Group Vacation to Israel

Do you like traveling with your group of friends but don’t know where to go on your next trip?  Try planning a group vacation to Israel – the country offers unsurpassed sightseeing with its numerous Nature Reserves, archeological sites, and spectacular beaches.  Take a look at our travel suggestions below for your next Israeli group vacation.  

Hotels in Israel
The hotels in Israel range anywhere from budget priced to five-star locations.  You can find just about any type of hotel accommodation you prefer – boutique hotels, medium-sized hotels, to luxury beachfront hotels equipped with the latest amenities.  Search online for any deals or ask your local travel agent to book your hotel reservations.  If you’re group is large enough, ask for group discount rates.  Many of the hotels in Israel offer group discounts.  

Transportation within Israel
Renting private cars is possible but not really a practical option with a group of people.  You’re better off hiring a mini-bus and driver to take you around the country.  Some mini-buses accommodate up to 25 people, while others fit about 10 people.  Considering all the hassle it saves you with parking, gas, and getting lost, it’s worth it.  Your driver can also be your private tour guide since most drivers are familiar with the country’s sites.  You’ll have to weigh the cost of renting a mini-bus versus renting a private car.  Take into consideration that if you split the price for the mini-bus, it shouldn’t come out to much more than renting a car and paying for gas.   

Surf the Internet, talk to friends who’ve been to Israel before, and purchase a few good travel guides to help you prepare your itinerary.  Meet with your group a few times before you travel and get a consensus of where everyone would like to go.  If the majority of people have been to the Dead Sea, then perhaps you can skip it, and spend more time in Jerusalem.  If no one has visited the wineries up North, then book a couple days in the Galilee. You’ll find some of the most picturesque hotels in Israel up North.   Make sure to schedule some downtime on your itinerary so that you can simply relax – after all, it is a vacation