Little House in Rehavia Jerusalem hotel offers facilities that make your stay comfortable and pleasant:

Dining Room
FREE Internet and small Intimate Lobby
A Beautiful Roof Terrace and garden sitting areas.
24/7 reception
Free tea\coffee station
Free parking in the evening and night

Dining room

Our hotel offers a rich Kosher Lemehadrin Israeli breakfast.We serve a full healthy Mediterranean style breakfast with fresh fruits and salads.There’s  free coffee and tea all day long and You can also store your food in our refrigerator.The dining area is always open so you can meet people from around the world and enjoy our friendly ambianceWe […]

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Free internet and Intimate Lobby

Rehavia hotel Lobby

A small and intimate Lobby where you can relax and enjoy a daily newspaper, surf the internet (free), meet friends or chat with our staff.There is free WiFi in all the hotel including rooms.

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Roof Terrace and garden sitting areas

We added a new roof terrace engulfed with greenery and sun where you can read, sunbathe or simply relax with a good cup of coffee or a bottle of ice-cold beer…In addition, you can enjoy several garden corners with chairs and tables under the shade, where you can relax or chat with your friends or […]

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24/7 Reception

Rehavia Hotel Reception

Our reception is open all day long and every day of the week.You can consult our staff for information, tours and recommendations .

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Free parking in the evening and night

Paid parking in the street through Easypark (available at the front desk). During day time 8am – 6pm to renew every 3 hours, FREE parking on street 6 pm – 8 am. There is an underground parking lot within 5-minute walk from us on Keren Kayemet st. “Beit Avi-Hai” open hours: 7am – 11pm – […]

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