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Found a better rate elsewhere?

Contact us and attach a file and a link to the offer you found and will give you a better price!

Email :


1. Little house hotels guarantees to give guests who book directly (our website, phone or email) the best price in comparison to other websites (not including our website of course which is already discounted).

2. The offer should be equal in all parameters including dates of stay, room type, cancellation policy, VAT , number of guests etc.

3. The offer should be of a relevant time, i.e.  not older than 24 hours ago .

4. A client who found a better price with the conditions specified above  is welcome to send us the the offer and we will give him an even further discount ranging between 5-10%.


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מדיניות התחייבות למחיר הזול ביותר Mon, 24 Apr 2017 08:02:27 +0000  

התחייבות למחיר הזול ביותר- “Best Price Guarantee” 

מצאת מחיר זול יותר באתר אחר?

פנה אלינו וצרף קובץ תמונה וקישור להצעה שמצאת ואנו נשווה את המחיר ואף נעניק הנחה נוספת!

 פרטי האמייל ליצירת קשר :

להלן המדיניות:

1. רשת בית קטן מתחייבת לתת ללקוחותיה  אשר יבצעו את הזמנתם באופן ישיר (באתר, טלפונית או במייל)  את המחיר הטוב ביותר וזאת בהשוואה למחירי אתרים אחרים (לא אתר הבית כמובן בו כבר יש הנחה). 

2. ההשוואה צריכה להיות זהה בכל הפרמטרים דהיינו  סוג החדר, מדיניות הביטול,הרכב האורחים, תאריכים , מע”מ וכו’ ובעלת מחיר עדכני של לא יותר מ24 שעות לפני (לתשומת לבכם רבים מאתרי האינטרנט אינם כוללים מע”מ במחיר ההזמנה).

3.לקוח אשר מצא  חופשה שמחירה נמוך יותר  מהמחיר המפורסם באתר, בתנאים זהים כפי שצוין לעיל , מוזמן לשלוח אלינו את הפרטים הבאים ואנו ניתן לו את המחיר הנמוך יותר בתוספת הנחה נוספת שתנוע בין 5-10% .





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פסטיבל הקולנוע היהודי Wed, 18 Nov 2015 11:35:37 +0000 במהלך חודש דצמבר ייערך פסטיבל הקולנוע היהודי בסינמטק.

בפסטיבל מוצגים עשרות סרטים של יוצרים שונים מהארץ ומרחבי העולם

העוסקים בנושא המורכב ורב הפנים של הזהות היהודית.

כמו כן מתקיימים הרצאות ודיונים וכן מופעי מוסיקה.


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What a Stay at a Jerusalem Hotel Will Offer Tue, 01 Jul 2014 09:39:46 +0000 If you are fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to book your room at a Jerusalem hotel, what awaits you? Imagine your descent as your plane gently lowers itself to meet the runway of this majestic city. You will see the many modern office buildings that are in close vicinity to the many traditional residential homes closely hugging the hills. The historic and biblical heart of the city is surrounded by its ancient wall enclosure while the modern trappings of Jerusalem seem to have spilled out all around it. Modern market places offer traditional trappings, and the revered tradition of the market criers who seek to persuade the ambling tourist to visit their stalls is a beloved custom by both visitors and locals.

Neighborhood form their own little communities with beautifully apportioned squares offering a chance for visitors and locals to meet, chat, sit, relax, and just soak in the beauty of life. If you stay at a Jerusalem hotel that is close to the heart of the city, such as the Bed & Breakfast known as A Little House in Bakah, you will be within walking distance of many historic locations as well as the much coveted coffee houses that offer an eclectic mix of multi-ethnic travelers and residents where news travels as fast as the rich aroma of Turkish coffee, gossip flies on the wings of eagles, while all the while an idyllic, slower pace is maintained. Putting to shame the many high pressure localities around the world that cater to the traveler who is in between sightseeing tours, in Jerusalem each coffee shop is its own destination.

Imagine what a stay at a Jerusalem hotel will offer you: will you delight in hearing a multitude of languages spoken? There will be the ever present Arabic but also the traditional Hebrew. Will you enjoy the religious multiculturalism of the city? Christians, Muslims, and Jews all claim Jerusalem as one of the focal point of their religious histories. Are you on the lookout for modern entertainment? The establishments of Talpiot fit the bill! Are you an observing Jew who is visiting the Wailing Wall to present your prayers and petitions to G-d in person? Join the many believers who find their way daily to this symbol of Judaism and there reestablish your faith and communion with the creator of the world. You can get there in just a few minutes from most Jerusalem hotels.

As you can see, a stay at a Jerusalem hotel will offer you so much more than just a comfortable bed, luxurious room, and delectable dinner. Instead, you will be treated to a plethora of sights and sounds, multitude of activities, and an experience that in some cases may be life changing! Why not book your stay in a Jerusalem hotel today – and when doing so, consider the intimate atmosphere of Jerusalem’s premier Bed & Breakfast, A Little House in Bakah!

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Visiting the Ancient City of Jerusalem Tue, 01 Jul 2014 09:39:07 +0000 It’s often said that while New York is known for its nightlife and Paris for its wine, Jerusalem is famous for its history.  As any seasoned traveler to Israel can tell you, no tour of the country would be complete without spending adequate time in Jerusalem.  In fact, the numerous Jerusalem hotels make it quite easy to book a stay anytime of the year.  However, due to the popularity of Jerusalem as a travel destination, make sure to book a reservation in one of the Jerusalem hotels at least three months in advance.  Most hotels have toll-free numbers listed on the Internet.  

No matter which one of the Jerusalem hotels you’re staying at, you’ll be within a half hour’s distance by car from any one of the city’s major tourist attractions.  In fact, you’ll be able to get a taxi within 5 minutes from any one of the major Jerusalem hotels.  The concierge or receptionists at most of the Jerusalem hotels can assist you.  Don’t be shy – Israelis love to help!

One of the most recommended tourist sites to visit is the Old City. When you walk its cobblestone streets and alleyways, you’ll be taken back centuries in time as you smell and experience the beauty and wonders of the major religions.  You’ll actually feel like you’re in the 16th century as you stroll through the Arab marketplace.  As you descend the stairs, you’ll come upon one of the most breathtaking views – the majestic and ancient Western Wall, the last standing remnant of the Second Temple.  In the background, you can see the shimmering gold Dome of the Rock.  

A tour of West Jerusalem neighborhoods is also a must.  Make sure to visit the Yemin Moshe neighborhood and its illustrious windmill, as well as Mea Shearim, where you’re transported to 19th century Eastern Europe.  Don’t miss the modern city center, where you can spend hours browsing in the countless boutiques and gift shops that line the picturesque streets.  Other great spots to explore are the German Colony and Baka neighborhoods, Ein Kerem, and Machane Yehuda.  

If you want further information on specifc tourist destinations, just check your hotel lobby as most Jerusalem hotels carry brochures of the city’s main sights and destinations. 

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Visiting Israel’s Lush Gardens Tue, 01 Jul 2014 09:38:39 +0000 Even though you might be a seasoned traveler to Israel, you might have missed visiting some of the country’s magnificent gardens.  They’re located throughout the country, from the north in Haifa to the Jerusalem area.  Three of the most stunning gardens that you must see are the Bahai Gardens in Haifa, the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, and the Tel Aviv University Botanic Gardens.  Most hotels in Israel can give you directions to these places.  
The Bahai Gardens, located in Haifa, opened its doors in 2001.  The famous golden domed shrine, an integral part of the Bahai Garden, was constructed in 1953.  Its amazing dome, which can be easily seen from most parts of the Haifa bay, stands 40 meters high, and is covered in 14,000 gold colored bricks.  Other interesting buildings on the grounds are the Archives Building and the Universal House of Justice.  If you want more information about the Bahai faith, just check the gift shops in the hotels in Israel as they often carry books on the subject.  

The breathtaking gardens that surround the shrine extend over 18 amazing terraces.  On the upper terraces, you can see all the way to Lebanon.  The gardens are a fantastic mix of sculptures, fountains, huge lawns, shrubs, and local flora.  When you walk the ground’s meandering paths, you experience a feeling of tranquility unknown in other parts of the world.  In fact, the garden is known as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.”

When you’re in Jerusalem, make sure to visit the Jerusalem Botanical Garden.   This garden hosts over 6,000 different plants from around the world, in about 120 thousand square meters.  The garden is cleverly divided into six separate sections, each representing a different landscape.  It even includes a magnificent tropical greenhouse.  During Passover, the Botanical Gardens feature a remarkable orchid exhibition.  You can find out more about the different exhibits at any one of the hotels in Israel.  

The Tel Aviv University Botanic Gardens is another fantastic site to visit.  It contains plant species from the five different geographical regions in Israel.  The garden’s tropical plant exhibit duplicates the wonder of the Amazon rain forest.  They also have an area dedicated to medicinal healing plants and endangered species.  

For a listing of other botanical gardens in the country, browse your hotel’s gift shop as most hotels in Israel carry books or brochures on the topic.  

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Visit different Kibbutzim from your Jerusalem Hotel Tue, 01 Jul 2014 09:37:55 +0000 Visiting the Different Kibbutzim from your Jerusalem Hotel

When you think of Israel, you usually associate it with religion, beautiful beaches, and great Middle Eastern cuisine.  A fourth item that often comes to mind is the kibbutzim, or the communal settlements in Israel.  Over 250 Kibbutzim are located throughout the country – from the Northern most point to the Southern most tip.  You could probably even visit five or so kibbutzim within 20 minutes of your Jerusalem hotel.  

A little bit about the kibbutz

Kibbutzim answered the desires of Central and Eastern European Jews to cultivate the land as well as live a communal lifestyle.  Today’s kibbutzim, however, rely more on industry than agriculture, and are less communal and more privatized.  The majority of kibbutz members work outside the kibbutz and own their own home.  Some of the communal settlements even allow non-members to buy property on the kibbutz.  Overall, the lifestyle on the kibbutz is much like life in a small town; only it’s smaller and quieter.  In fact, a big city like Jerusalem is probably on the other side of the spectrum, even if the area around most Jerusalem hotels seems peaceful.   

Kibbutzim around your Jerusalem hotel

At least a dozen or so kibbutzim are located within an hour from your Jerusalem hotel.  Perhaps the closest one is Ramat Rachel, located just outside city limits.  When you visit Ramat Rachel, you’ll experience the tranquility of the Jerusalem mountainside.  Located nearby is kibbutz Anavim, the first collective settlement founded in the Judean hills.  Its main industry today is the production of insulation products.  Some other kibbutzim around your Jerusalem hotel area include:  Neve Shalom, located by the Latrun Monastery; Ma’ale Hachamisha, in the Judean hills; and Neve Ilan, just 15 km from the city.

Driving down South

Driving south from your Jerusalem hotel, you’ll find plenty more kibbutzim.  If you’re on a tight time schedule, make sure to visit Ein Gedi, where you’ll find a true oasis atmosphere in the midst of the seemingly endless Judean desert.  Another must-see is Sde Boker, situated in the hilly region of the Negev desert.  It’s best known as being home to Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion.  Industry includes a winery and a packaging tape factory, as well as a chicken farm and olives and pistachio crops.  It’s a great place to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of the Negev desert.  

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Traveling South from your Jerusalem Hotel Tue, 01 Jul 2014 09:37:10 +0000 The part of the country that’s probably the least visited is the South.  Most tourists spend time in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and the North.  Except for the quick visit to Masada, the southern region is often an afterthought, especially in the scorching summers.  The South, however, offers many travel opportunities that shouldn’t be missed.  Traveling to the region from your Jerusalem hotel usually requires a car, but public transportation is a possibility.  The farthest point south from your Jerusalem hotel takes about four and a half hours by car.    

If you have a few days to spend in the South, your first stop should be the Dead Sea region.  It’s less than two-hour drive from your Jerusalem hotel.  It’s an easy drive on a modern highway.  The Dead Sea area is the lowest point on Earth, at close to 1,400 ft. below sea level.  It’s located in the Dead Sea Rift, which is part of the Great Rift Valley.  Its natural healing powers have attracted visitors since the times of King David.  In fact, people suffering from asthma and psoriasis from around the world visit the Dead Sea’s healing environment.  In fact, your Jerusalem hotel’s gift shop probably carries Dead Sea mineral salts.  Besides the soothing salt baths, you can enjoy the spectacular Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, where you can hike among the cascading waterfalls and view the desert flora and wildlife.

Less than a half-hour away from the Dead Sea is the awe-inspiring fortress of Masada.  Masada is where the Jews fought against the Romans in a last ditch effort to overcome their enemies.  You can either hike up the 45-minute steep mountainous path or take the cable cars to reach the fortress’ ruins.  You might even be able to get coupons for the cable car ride at your Jerusalem hotel.  

Your final destination should definitely be Eilat, the southern most point in the country.  It’s approximately three more hours from the Dead Sea.  This resort city offers year round sunshine, fantastic beaches, excellent snorkeling, and coral reefs filled with exotic, multi-colored tropical fish.  Don’t miss the spectacular Underwater Observatory and Aquarium, the Coral Beach Nature Reserve, and the Dolphin reef, where you can actually swim with the dolphins.

Although your Jerusalem hotel is less than a five-hour drive away, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another country in this desert oasis.   

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Taking a Group Vacation to Israel Tue, 01 Jul 2014 09:36:31 +0000 Do you like traveling with your group of friends but don’t know where to go on your next trip?  Try planning a group vacation to Israel – the country offers unsurpassed sightseeing with its numerous Nature Reserves, archeological sites, and spectacular beaches.  Take a look at our travel suggestions below for your next Israeli group vacation.  

Hotels in Israel
The hotels in Israel range anywhere from budget priced to five-star locations.  You can find just about any type of hotel accommodation you prefer – boutique hotels, medium-sized hotels, to luxury beachfront hotels equipped with the latest amenities.  Search online for any deals or ask your local travel agent to book your hotel reservations.  If you’re group is large enough, ask for group discount rates.  Many of the hotels in Israel offer group discounts.  

Transportation within Israel
Renting private cars is possible but not really a practical option with a group of people.  You’re better off hiring a mini-bus and driver to take you around the country.  Some mini-buses accommodate up to 25 people, while others fit about 10 people.  Considering all the hassle it saves you with parking, gas, and getting lost, it’s worth it.  Your driver can also be your private tour guide since most drivers are familiar with the country’s sites.  You’ll have to weigh the cost of renting a mini-bus versus renting a private car.  Take into consideration that if you split the price for the mini-bus, it shouldn’t come out to much more than renting a car and paying for gas.   

Surf the Internet, talk to friends who’ve been to Israel before, and purchase a few good travel guides to help you prepare your itinerary.  Meet with your group a few times before you travel and get a consensus of where everyone would like to go.  If the majority of people have been to the Dead Sea, then perhaps you can skip it, and spend more time in Jerusalem.  If no one has visited the wineries up North, then book a couple days in the Galilee. You’ll find some of the most picturesque hotels in Israel up North.   Make sure to schedule some downtime on your itinerary so that you can simply relax – after all, it is a vacation

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Sun Tanning Tips – Hotels in Israel Tue, 01 Jul 2014 09:35:57 +0000 Enjoying the Sun at a Hotel in Israel
It’s often said that nothing can compare with the Middle Eastern sun.  From May to early September, Israel enjoys nothing but sunshine everyday.  It’s practically unheard of to have rain during this time of year.  Even clouds don’t make an appearance, except on the coastline for those foggy days.  The fog usually burns off mid-morning, so even on the coast, the sun beats down relentlessly.  Because of the climate, nearly all mid-size to larger hotels in Israel come equipped with a pool.  Even when sitting by the poolside, caution needs to be taken to protect against the sun.  Here are some tips to protect you against the Middle Eastern sun.  

– Buy tons of suntan lotion – Suntan lotion is readily available in any of the hotels in Israel, but it tends to be more expensive in Israel.  Buy enough for your family for the length of your vacation.  Even if you are not sitting by your hotel’s poolside, still put on suntan lotion.  A lot of tourists don’t use lotion when going on hikes or even strolling through the cities.  Imagine going for a hike in the Dead Sea region without applying suntan lotion.  You’ll return to your hotel in Israel only to find out that you have a bad burn.  Putting lotion on the neck area, arms, and legs (if you’re wearing shorts) is highly recommended, unless you plan to only visit indoor malls or museums.   You need to reapply the lotion every few hours.  

– Try to get a suntan before your trip – Before your trip to Israel, spend a few hours each week in the sun.  It will protect you against a bad burn.  If you come from a colder climate, then use a lotion with a heavier sun block rating – at least a 30 UVB rating.  Dousing yourself with a 15 UVB rating will be useless. It’s as if you didn’t use any protection at all.  

– Take hikes before 10:00 am or after 3:00 pm – The Middle Eastern sun is the strongest from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm – hours you want to avoid in the direct sunlight for longer than 20 minutes.  Always take a lot of water on your hikes as well to prevent dehydration.  You can easily stock up with the water at your hotel in Israel.  

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