Welcome to the Attic room

Attic room Colony Hotel

Attic accommodation unit – suitable for 4-5 guests.

A romantic and unique attic with sloping ceilings and skylights with a sky view. There are three separate spaces in the unit, a double bed and 3 single beds. Leading to the room is a winding, narrow staircase reminiscent of special hotels in classic Europe.
The attic is recommended for the young at heart, the playful souls and those who love privacy and intimacy in a little corner of their own.
The room is not recommended for people whose height is over 1.75 m.

In the attic:

  • Designed rustic furniture
  • New wooden floors
  • Air conditioning and heating controlled directly from the room
  • A large LCD TV with cable
  • A phone with a personal message service
  • Spacious bathrooms