Welcome to the Economy Rooms

Economy Rooms

The rooms are renovated, fully equipped and comfortable just like all the other rooms in the hotel.
The discounted price is due to the proximity to the cinema and the possibility of noise during film screenings.
The noise level is not constant, screenings hours vary depending on the cinema’s schedule.
Suitable for night owls, various soundtracks lovers and anyone who wants a sweet and pleasant discounted room and is willing to compromise a little. The price includes breakfast – without background noises!
There are also discounted rooms on the ground floor, with no external window. The rooms are offered at a reduced price due to the proximity to the kitchen.

In each of these rooms:

  • A double bed or two twin beds that can be connected
  • Designed rustic furniture
  • Wooden floors
  • Air conditioning and heating controlled directly from the room
  • A large LCD TV with cable
  • A phone with a personal message service
  • Newly renovated bathrooms