Arrive to your Hotel in Israel refreshed

Depending upon your starting point, you can reach your Israeli destination in a variety of ways.  Whatever way you choose, though, your goal should be to arrive at your hotel in Israel relatively relaxed with a minimum amount of jetlag.  How do you achieve that goal if you have to fly some 15 hours to […]

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Arranging trips to Jordan

If you’re looking to expand your Israeli vacation from just visiting Israel, then book a trip to Jordan or to the Sinai at any one of the many hotels in Israel.  Booking a day trip to Taba (Jordan) or to the Sinai is also possible from home, but prices probably won’t be as good as […]

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Archeological Ruins Located Minutes from Your Jerusalem Hotel

A visit to Israel is not complete unless you see some of its spectacular archeological sites.  If you’re staying in one of the Jerusalem hotels, you won’t have to venture far to experience a taste of history.  You’ll find an archeological site within a half-hour from most Jerusalem hotels.  Listed below are a couple of […]

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Appreciating the Ease of Doing Business When Working With a Premier Jerusalem Hotel

What is one of the most commonly heard complaints travelers have when reserving a room at a Jerusalem hotel – or virtually any hotel? Is it the cost of the room or the lack of available suites? Perhaps it has to do with the failure to provide pictures that help a potential guest to envision […]

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