Visiting Israel’s Lush Gardens

Even though you might be a seasoned traveler to Israel, you might have missed visiting some of the country’s magnificent gardens.  They’re located throughout the country, from the north in Haifa to the Jerusalem area.  Three of the most stunning gardens that you must see are the Bahai Gardens in Haifa, the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, and the Tel Aviv University Botanic Gardens.  Most hotels in Israel can give you directions to these places.  
The Bahai Gardens, located in Haifa, opened its doors in 2001.  The famous golden domed shrine, an integral part of the Bahai Garden, was constructed in 1953.  Its amazing dome, which can be easily seen from most parts of the Haifa bay, stands 40 meters high, and is covered in 14,000 gold colored bricks.  Other interesting buildings on the grounds are the Archives Building and the Universal House of Justice.  If you want more information about the Bahai faith, just check the gift shops in the hotels in Israel as they often carry books on the subject.  

The breathtaking gardens that surround the shrine extend over 18 amazing terraces.  On the upper terraces, you can see all the way to Lebanon.  The gardens are a fantastic mix of sculptures, fountains, huge lawns, shrubs, and local flora.  When you walk the ground’s meandering paths, you experience a feeling of tranquility unknown in other parts of the world.  In fact, the garden is known as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.”

When you’re in Jerusalem, make sure to visit the Jerusalem Botanical Garden.   This garden hosts over 6,000 different plants from around the world, in about 120 thousand square meters.  The garden is cleverly divided into six separate sections, each representing a different landscape.  It even includes a magnificent tropical greenhouse.  During Passover, the Botanical Gardens feature a remarkable orchid exhibition.  You can find out more about the different exhibits at any one of the hotels in Israel.  

The Tel Aviv University Botanic Gardens is another fantastic site to visit.  It contains plant species from the five different geographical regions in Israel.  The garden’s tropical plant exhibit duplicates the wonder of the Amazon rain forest.  They also have an area dedicated to medicinal healing plants and endangered species.  

For a listing of other botanical gardens in the country, browse your hotel’s gift shop as most hotels in Israel carry books or brochures on the topic.