Visiting the Ancient City of Jerusalem

It’s often said that while New York is known for its nightlife and Paris for its wine, Jerusalem is famous for its history.  As any seasoned traveler to Israel can tell you, no tour of the country would be complete without spending adequate time in Jerusalem.  In fact, the numerous Jerusalem hotels make it quite easy to book a stay anytime of the year.  However, due to the popularity of Jerusalem as a travel destination, make sure to book a reservation in one of the Jerusalem hotels at least three months in advance.  Most hotels have toll-free numbers listed on the Internet.  

No matter which one of the Jerusalem hotels you’re staying at, you’ll be within a half hour’s distance by car from any one of the city’s major tourist attractions.  In fact, you’ll be able to get a taxi within 5 minutes from any one of the major Jerusalem hotels.  The concierge or receptionists at most of the Jerusalem hotels can assist you.  Don’t be shy – Israelis love to help!

One of the most recommended tourist sites to visit is the Old City. When you walk its cobblestone streets and alleyways, you’ll be taken back centuries in time as you smell and experience the beauty and wonders of the major religions.  You’ll actually feel like you’re in the 16th century as you stroll through the Arab marketplace.  As you descend the stairs, you’ll come upon one of the most breathtaking views – the majestic and ancient Western Wall, the last standing remnant of the Second Temple.  In the background, you can see the shimmering gold Dome of the Rock.  

A tour of West Jerusalem neighborhoods is also a must.  Make sure to visit the Yemin Moshe neighborhood and its illustrious windmill, as well as Mea Shearim, where you’re transported to 19th century Eastern Europe.  Don’t miss the modern city center, where you can spend hours browsing in the countless boutiques and gift shops that line the picturesque streets.  Other great spots to explore are the German Colony and Baka neighborhoods, Ein Kerem, and Machane Yehuda.  

If you want further information on specifc tourist destinations, just check your hotel lobby as most Jerusalem hotels carry brochures of the city’s main sights and destinations.