Sun Tanning Tips – Hotels in Israel

Enjoying the Sun at a Hotel in Israel
It’s often said that nothing can compare with the Middle Eastern sun.  From May to early September, Israel enjoys nothing but sunshine everyday.  It’s practically unheard of to have rain during this time of year.  Even clouds don’t make an appearance, except on the coastline for those foggy days.  The fog usually burns off mid-morning, so even on the coast, the sun beats down relentlessly.  Because of the climate, nearly all mid-size to larger hotels in Israel come equipped with a pool.  Even when sitting by the poolside, caution needs to be taken to protect against the sun.  Here are some tips to protect you against the Middle Eastern sun.  

– Buy tons of suntan lotion – Suntan lotion is readily available in any of the hotels in Israel, but it tends to be more expensive in Israel.  Buy enough for your family for the length of your vacation.  Even if you are not sitting by your hotel’s poolside, still put on suntan lotion.  A lot of tourists don’t use lotion when going on hikes or even strolling through the cities.  Imagine going for a hike in the Dead Sea region without applying suntan lotion.  You’ll return to your hotel in Israel only to find out that you have a bad burn.  Putting lotion on the neck area, arms, and legs (if you’re wearing shorts) is highly recommended, unless you plan to only visit indoor malls or museums.   You need to reapply the lotion every few hours.  

– Try to get a suntan before your trip – Before your trip to Israel, spend a few hours each week in the sun.  It will protect you against a bad burn.  If you come from a colder climate, then use a lotion with a heavier sun block rating – at least a 30 UVB rating.  Dousing yourself with a 15 UVB rating will be useless. It’s as if you didn’t use any protection at all.  

– Take hikes before 10:00 am or after 3:00 pm – The Middle Eastern sun is the strongest from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm – hours you want to avoid in the direct sunlight for longer than 20 minutes.  Always take a lot of water on your hikes as well to prevent dehydration.  You can easily stock up with the water at your hotel in Israel.