Staying at a Jerusalem Hotel During Different Times of the Year

The time you need to book your hotel reservation in Israel can vary from one month up to one year in advance. This is especially true in Jerusalem, as the number of visitors change greatly according to the season.  During certain times of the year, you’ll barely be able to find vacancies in any one of the Jerusalem hotels, while at other times, you can walk into a hotel lobby and book a room with no advance notice.  Our tips below can help you successfully book your hotel room at anytime of the year.

1. Summer time – The majority of tourists visit the country during the summer.  Tourist sites are swamped with visitors, beaches are full, and hotels are almost fully booked.  If you’re planning to come during this time, book your hotel reservation at least four to five months in advance.  Jerusalem hotels might even require a six-month advance reservation.  

2. Passover – This is another extremely busy tourist season.  Not only are there tons of Jewish visitors from around the world, but also many Christians visit Jerusalem during Easter, which falls out during the Passover period.  Book your reservation about nine to twelve months before your visit.  Hotel prices usually go up, especially if you’re planning to stay in one of the Jerusalem hotels.  

3. Sukkot – Tourists flock the country at this time of year as well.  You’ll have to make your hotel reservations at least six to nine months in advance if you’re planning to stay at one of the Jerusalem hotels.    

4. December – During Chanukah and Christmas, the country, and especially Jerusalem, are crowded with visitors.  Jews and Christians from around the world visit at this time to celebrate the holidays.  Reserve a room in one of the Jerusalem hotels by September.  

5. The slow season -The months of November, January, February, March, May, and June are Israel’s slower tourist periods.  Airline and hotel prices are lower, and vacancies are more common.  Although you should book your reservations about a month or so before your trip, you’ll still be able to find some hotel vacancies at the last minute.  It might be tougher though to find a room during the weekends at one of the Jerusalem hotels.  In the rest of the country, however, you should have no difficulty reserving a room without prior notice.