Staying Connected in your Jerusalem Hotel

Staying Connected While Staying at your Jerusalem Hotel

Even though you might enjoy traveling to Israel on a vacation, you might miss some of the “action” back home.  While you’re touring the ancient city of Jerusalem, you might be missing out on the latest stock market advances, the last game of the World Series, or the latest developments at work.  So how do you maintain a healthy balance of rest and relaxation while staying at your Jerusalem hotel versus keeping track of world events?   Listed below are three areas that can help you remain connected at your Jerusalem hotel, yet still far enough away to enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the city.  

In today’s super high-tech world, people can communicate with each other in real-time as if they are sitting side-by-side.  How is this done?  Let’s say you’re in your Jerusalem hotel room that has wireless connection.  Although it’s your vacation, you still want to catch up with some emails and correspond “face-to-face” with your co-workers.  All you need to do is start-up your computer, connect to the wireless Internet, and read and answer your emails.  For direct communication (similar to using the phone), you can use an instant messenger system or Skype, which acts like a phone line, except that the calls are absolutely free to other Skype users.  

If you want to get a quick glance of the day’s news from around the world, simply surf the net for your favorite news site.  In less than a second, you can find out the smallest details of your city’s morning news stories.  If you want to know the weather back home, it’s simply a click of the mouse away.

If you don’t want to stay in your room, you can even surf the net in some of the Jerusalem hotel lobbies and eating areas: they are also equipped with wireless access (WiFi).  

Cable television

Gone are the days when Israel only had two channels.  Your Jerusalem hotel usually offers a full cable selection, with several news channels.  News stations like CNN and Fox News transmit news stories around the clock – in English.  You’ll know the world’s news the same time your friends back home do.  

If you like to enjoy a good cup of coffee with a newspaper in the morning, most Jerusalem hotels carry newspapers in English for the latest of the day’s news.