What a Stay at a Jerusalem Hotel Will Offer

If you are fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to book your room at a Jerusalem hotel, what awaits you? Imagine your descent as your plane gently lowers itself to meet the runway of this majestic city. You will see the many modern office buildings that are in close vicinity to the many traditional residential homes closely hugging the hills. The historic and biblical heart of the city is surrounded by its ancient wall enclosure while the modern trappings of Jerusalem seem to have spilled out all around it. Modern market places offer traditional trappings, and the revered tradition of the market criers who seek to persuade the ambling tourist to visit their stalls is a beloved custom by both visitors and locals.

Neighborhood form their own little communities with beautifully apportioned squares offering a chance for visitors and locals to meet, chat, sit, relax, and just soak in the beauty of life. If you stay at a Jerusalem hotel that is close to the heart of the city, such as the Bed & Breakfast known as A Little House in Bakah, you will be within walking distance of many historic locations as well as the much coveted coffee houses that offer an eclectic mix of multi-ethnic travelers and residents where news travels as fast as the rich aroma of Turkish coffee, gossip flies on the wings of eagles, while all the while an idyllic, slower pace is maintained. Putting to shame the many high pressure localities around the world that cater to the traveler who is in between sightseeing tours, in Jerusalem each coffee shop is its own destination.

Imagine what a stay at a Jerusalem hotel will offer you: will you delight in hearing a multitude of languages spoken? There will be the ever present Arabic but also the traditional Hebrew. Will you enjoy the religious multiculturalism of the city? Christians, Muslims, and Jews all claim Jerusalem as one of the focal point of their religious histories. Are you on the lookout for modern entertainment? The establishments of Talpiot fit the bill! Are you an observing Jew who is visiting the Wailing Wall to present your prayers and petitions to G-d in person? Join the many believers who find their way daily to this symbol of Judaism and there reestablish your faith and communion with the creator of the world. You can get there in just a few minutes from most Jerusalem hotels.

As you can see, a stay at a Jerusalem hotel will offer you so much more than just a comfortable bed, luxurious room, and delectable dinner. Instead, you will be treated to a plethora of sights and sounds, multitude of activities, and an experience that in some cases may be life changing! Why not book your stay in a Jerusalem hotel today – and when doing so, consider the intimate atmosphere of Jerusalem’s premier Bed & Breakfast, A Little House in Bakah!