Why Rooms at This Jerusalem Hotel Surpass Expectations

What do you expect from the average Jerusalem hotel with respect to the actual accommodations? Most certainly you require clean, safe rooms. Furniture that is in good repair is a plus, and so is a bed that is comfortable. A Jerusalem hotel that is spaciousness would be nice, but usually the traveler understands that precious little is gained by the hotel owner when having spacious rooms but not very many of them, and thus the demand for room is no longer on the top of the list of many a traveler. If you are away on business, then the ability to access the Internet and recharge your laptop’s battery is probably very high on your list of priorities. Modern décor quite often plays a role in the wishes of many, yet it is surprising how many travelers are willing to compromise in this area.

The Jerusalem hotel accommodations are legion. You can find big box chains that will offer small or even medium sized rooms with anonymous service, pleasantly nondescript interior decorating, and of course a somewhat homogenous attention to detail. Similarly, you may find the cheap lodgings where the décor seems to still be stuck in the 1970s, known in the United States as the decade of dark wood and polyester. If you are finally indulging in your once in a lifetime vacation, is this truly the kind of Jerusalem hotel you want to call home for the duration of your stay?

If the answer is a resounding no, then A Little House in Bakah is the choice you cannot overlook: a popular Bed & Breakfast Jerusalem hotel located in the heart of the city in a respectable neighborhood that is one of the oldest found. Why rooms at this Jerusalem hotel surpass expectations is easy to see:

19 lovingly decorated double occupancy rooms are available for the traveler and a companion, and you will relax in your air conditioned lodgings or enjoy the many offerings that cable television has for your viewing pleasure while you plan your next outing.
15 single occupancy rooms cater to the business traveler or the single tourist who does not need a second bed in the room but instead will enjoy the county style atmosphere that makes up the décor of the room and is found in the selection of the wall coloring and fabrics that give the hotel room the ambiance of a sitting room.
In this Jerusalem hotel, Families will relish the six available suites that permit the parents and children to have privacy while still being closely connected. What an amazing way to travel with children! Gone are the days when a special cot had to be requested or the sofa had to made into a makeshift bed; instead, enjoy the luxury of knowing that your children are tucked in safe and snug right next door to you – in a real bed!