Romance in Hotels in Israel

Spending a Romantic Holiday in one of the Hotels in Israel

Taking a romantic holiday in one of the many hotels in Israel is a sure way to ignite romance in a relationship.  Hotels in Israel offer the romantic couple an environment hard to forget.  From the unforgettable Mediterranean sunsets to the stunning sunrise in Jerusalem, couples can experience beauty unlike anywhere found in the world.  

A room with a view
The majority of hotels in Israel along the coast have sensational views of the Mediterranean.  Hotel balconies even offer a better glimpse of the sea.  Nothing could be more romantic than ordering room service and sitting out and eating a full course meal with a bottle of red wine.  Since the climate is so temperate, couples can enjoy dinner on their balcony with a beautiful sunset as a backdrop from late March until early November.  Even during the few months of winter, the sea offers a rare sight of some of the Mediterranean storms that pound the coast.  During these chilly nights, couples can snuggle up on the king size beds watching one of the many cable television shows or movies.  A few hotels in Israel even offer fireplaces to stay extra warm in winter.   

A romantic Jerusalem
No other city in the world conjures up more romance and history than Jerusalem (maybe Paris in the romance department).  When strolling through the winding streets of the city, one gets a sense of an era long ago.  In the Old City, one can actually feel and sense civilizations from two or three thousand years ago.  Nothing could be more romantic than walking on the narrow cobblestone roads with the rays of the afternoon sun shimmering against the backdrop of the Western Wall and the Dome of the Rock.  Couples often get married at the wall as well – one can see newly married couples in full wedding gear walking hand in hand through the Old City.  

Perhaps the greatest part of a romantic trip to Israel is spending time together in a foreign land, in a luxurious hotel, with no other friends or family to disrupt the romantic holiday.