Pricing Hotels in Israel – From Home

Pricing Hotels in Israel from the Comfort of your Home
Planning a budget for your vacation has never been easier.  In today’s tech-savvy world, one merely needs to go online to search for a hotel in their desired location.  Just 15 years ago, a person had to either use a travel agent or spend nearly $50 dollars calling up far-away places to find out room prices.  That’s not even considering the inconvenience of time differences.  Say a person wanted to make a reservation (or at least find out prices) at one of the hotels in Israel.  With a time difference of at least 7 hours, he would have to either call in the early morning hours or really late at night to reach the reservation desk.  

All that has changed with the advent of the Internet.  Now, all one has to do is search the Internet for hotels in the desired location, such as “hotels in Israel.”  Prices are not only listed per room type, but also per time period.  For instance, let’s say that you were planning a trip to Israel, but you weren’t sure if you could afford the hotel prices during the holiday season.  Simply click on a site’s rate schedule and you’ll see the different prices listed per season or time of year.  Some sites even have the option of getting a quick price quote based on a particular time period entered.  It really makes the decision process that much faster and easier.  

Here’s a practical example.  Say you want to go to Israel during Passover and stay at a few different hotels in Israel.  One city that must be on your itinerary is Jerusalem.  You like smaller hotels so you search for “smaller hotels in Israel.”  One hotel catches your eye – Little House in Baka.  It’s exactly what your looking for – ambiance at a real affordable price.  Not only are there tons of pictures, but also the prices are listed per season, per room type.  Reservations can be made directly online, day or night, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.  No more long-distance phone calls or early morning wake-ups are needed for booking a reservation.  

The best part of using the Internet is that some of the hotels in Israel offer discounts for booking online.  Imagine receiving up to 20% off just because you booked your next hotel stay online.