Planning a Wedding in one of the hotels in Israel

One of the most beautiful, memorable, and emotional events in our life is a wedding.  People plan weddings six months to a year in advance, and it still feels like it’s not enough time to fully coordinate the day’s events.  If you’re planning a wedding in one of the hotels in Israel, and you don’t live in the country, you have even more hurdles to cross.  It can be done, though, with proper planning and coordination.  Follow our suggestions below and hopefully everything will go smoothly on the wedding day.

1. Choose the right hotel in Israel – Have someone you can trust check out the different wedding halls in the hotels.  Make sure your designated person knows your taste as well as your budget.  Maybe you want the affair to be on the Mediterranean coast, or perhaps you would rather have it Jerusalem, minutes away from the Old City.  Whatever the case, make your preference known.   Have your contact take pictures of each of the places and email you the top choices.  You should also let this person know how much you can spend for the whole affair.  There’s no sense even considering halls that you can’t afford.

2. Choose the right menu, band, and photographer – Designate a family member or friend who lives in Israel to taste the caterer’s food.  Make sure your food preferences are known – do want a fish and meat option; do you like spicy food; do you want American or Middle Eastern cuisine?  Have your designee listen to a few wedding bands at some of the hotels in Israel, as well as inspect a few wedding albums.  

3. Choose someone to negotiate prices – Since you’re so far away, and may not be familiar with the language or mentality, select a friend or family member who lives in Israel to negotiate prices for you.  Let that person know the highest amount that you can afford, but have them start negotiating at lower prices.  

4. Arrive in the country at least one week prior to the wedding – Check into your hotel in Israel at least a week before the event.  Spend time going over the last minute details – visit the wedding hall, talk to the caterer, speak to the florist, and most importantly provide emotional support to the bride and groom.