Package Deals with Hotels in Israel

You often read or hear about great package deals to Israel, such as 14 nights at four-star hotels in Israel, breakfast included, complete with daily tours and airfare, all for a really low price.  Is it too good to be true, or are these deals really a great find?  Read our tips below to help you make that decision.

Package trips
Package trips really differ, both in price and content, so do your homework.  Don’t just depend upon what your friends recommend.  Maybe they have different tastes in hotels in Israel or really liked the daily tour guides.  Before calling around for prices, make a list of your trip requirements.  It makes no sense for booking a trip that doesn’t meet your needs.  Do you want to stay at five-star hotels in Israel, or are three-star places satisfactory?  Do you want to visit Eilat, or would you rather spend that time up north?   What about guided tours?  Do you feel more comfortable going on tours with professional tour guides, or would you prefer to go alone with your family, and perhaps rent a car?  

Comparing package deals versus designing your own tour
Here’s an example of the differences between a package deal and designing your own tour.

Let’s say you wanted to go on a two-week vacation to Israel during the summer.  You want to stay in at least four-star hotels in Israel, and you don’t care one way or the other about going on daily-guided trips or renting your own car.  The price for the package deal comes to $2,000 per person, including all hotels (four-stars), breakfast, daily tours, and airfare.  It includes touring central and northern Israel, with 2 free days.  The size of the group will be about 10 – 15 families.  

When pricing your own tour, it comes out to $2,500 per person, including all hotels (four-stars), breakfast, rental car, and airfare.  Plus you’ve planned a few days in Eilat for some rest and relaxation.  

Making the decision

If the price difference is not a big factor, then make your decision based upon your preference for traveling in a group versus traveling alone with your family.  In addition, decide if it’s important to travel to the south of the country.  If it’s not, and you don’t mind traveling in a group, then the package deal might be your best bet.