Online Reservations at Jerusalem Hotels

Making Online Reservations for Jerusalem Hotels
How many times have you called a hotel to make a reservation only to be put on hold while the minutes (and money) is ticking away?  What about the number of times you’ve made reservations with a travel agent only to be disappointed when you see your hotel room.  Unless the hotel has other rooms available, you’re pretty much stuck with your room.  Instead of cursing the travel agent next time, why not try making hotel reservations online?  

How does it work?
Let’s say that you’re planning a vacation to Israel, and you want to make a reservation in one of the Jerusalem hotels.  Unfortunately, you’re unfamiliar with most of the Jerusalem hotels but you have an idea what area you want to stay in.  You start surfing the Net and find a number of Jerusalem hotels online.  One hotel sticks out above the rest – Little House in Baka.  Located in a fashionable West Jerusalem neighborhood off the beaten path, it seems like the perfect Jerusalem hotel.  It offers a few different room options – single rooms, double rooms, and family rooms – plus a cozy dining room and new garden restaurant.  The hotel is surrounded by quaint shops and top restaurants, and is just minutes from the heart and soul of downtown Jerusalem.  The site even lists rates per season, which is a great help in making a final decision.   

Now that you’re completely convinced that Little House in Baka is the hotel for you, click on the “reservation” page.  Unlike other Jerusalem hotels, Little House on Baka allows you to make reservations directly online, in the room you want.  Simply fill out the fields and click on  “place order” to make the reservation.  Say you wanted to stay in Jerusalem for Passover.  Enter the appropriate dates, room type, number of guests, etc, as well as credit card information (utilizes a security code).  Your reservation will be confirmed within 48 hours.  No long, expensive phone calls overseas or headaches with travel agents.  By placing a reservation online, you’ve just acted as your own travel agent.  After all, you know what you like best, so why not take the time to make a reservation at one of the finer Jerusalem hotels – online.