Mineral Hot Springs and Spa Hotels in Israel offer Relaxation

Most people think of the “hussle and bustle” when touring Israel.  You go from city to city, from one hotel to another, from one tourist site to the next.  What about taking a nice relaxing vacation instead by staying at one of the many spa hotels in Israel?  Imagine spending 10 days at an exclusive Israeli spa where you’re pampered like a celebrity, with no traffic jams to fight, no pushy crowds, and no sweltering summer heat.  

Spa hotels in Israel are located throughout the country.  You can find these havens in the Negev, the Dead Sea, Hamat Gader, Tiberias, and just about anywhere else.  In the Dead Sea area especially, spa hotels are a huge favorite among both tourists and locals.  In fact, many Israelis from the bigger cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem spend up to week during the slower winter months in these Dead Sea spa hotels.  

Spa hotels in Israel usually offer the following services:

– Traditional Swedish massage

– Deep tissue massage

– Aromatherapy (massage combined with special oils)

– Shiatsu (Japanese style massage)

– Hot mud treatment (mud wrapping and pealing)

– Reflexology

– Sulfur pools (predominately in Tiberias, Hamat Gader, and the Dead Sea areas)

– Facial treatments

– Fitness center

– Olympic size pools

– Jacuzzis and saunas.  

In the Dead Sea, you can continue your relaxing vacation by bathing in the Dead Sea’s therapeutic waters and nearby mud baths.  The waters are especially healing for such skin ailments as psoriasis.  In fact, people from around the world travel to the Dead Sea to bath in its waters for its healing powers.  

Up north, don’t miss the spa in Hamat Gader.  It’s located about 5 miles east of Tiberias.  The area has several natural mineral hot springs, with temperatures up to an amazing 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  The baths first attained prominence during the Roman times in the 2nd century.  It was, in fact, the second largest bathhouse in the Roman Empire.  Today, the mineral hot springs are popular with both the international and Israeli crowds.  You can either stay at a hotel in the immediate area, or drive up to Tiberias, a mere 10 minute drive away, where you’ll find a wide selection of hotels in Israel to choose from (both spa and regular resort hotels).