Location Matters When Choosing a Jerusalem Hotel

When traveling Jerusalem, the Jerusalem hotel accommodations should mirror the rich cultural and religious heritage of the city; furthermore, you want be able to reach many of the exciting sight seeing opportunities on foot or via public transport rather than having to rely on your vehicle. Add to this the exciting Jerusalem nightlife, and you will understand why location matters when choosing a Jerusalem hotel.

Your choices are of course legion: there are the big chain hotels which will offer comfortable and cheap accommodations, but very little in the way of character and ambiance; there are the small family run businesses which are sometimes a bit too small for comfort; but of course the cream of the crop is the Bed & Breakfast Jerusalem hotel, where you will be treated like a member of the family but where the locale is not so small as to inhibit your ability to meet many other exciting guests and form life lasting friendships. Consider for example the Jerusalem hotel: A Little House in Bakah, which is well known around the Bakah neighborhood for its stellar reputation and also luscious landscaping.

Within quick walking distance of many coffee shops that accentuate the older streets in Jerusalem, hotel guests will revel in the look and feel of the neighborhood as they step outside their friendly lodgings to drink in the sights and sounds of this respected neighborhood. This Jerusalem hotel is located in the heart of the city, avid shoppers will delight in the many unique specialty shops that also line the streets and offer amazing bargains on artisan crafted jewelry, fabrics, and artwork. For the efficiency minded traveler, a local supermarket is not far away and will provide you with the late night snacks you might have a hankering for or the jars of baby food you ran out of.

Taking your family to a Jerusalem hotel like A Little House In Bakah ensures that your children will have a fun, safe environment in which to learn about the amazing city that is Jerusalem, while the parents will have the opportunity to enjoy trendy restaurants as well as those little gems that are off the beaten path but seem to offer the most delectable morsels in town. Take the family swimming at the public pool mere minutes away, and enjoy the fact that the historic city wall is only a short walk away. Imagine the education possibilities for the children! Take them for a leisurely stroll on Sherover promenade where a once in a lifetime view from the Temple Mount might be had. Tell them stories of old, the building of the original temple by King Solomon and how he succeeded his father, King David, a man once called to be after God’s own heart; do not let this opportunity pass to learn about the many stories yourself! Truly, location matters when choosing a Jerusalem hotel.