Jerusalem Hotels – Must-See Museums

Jerusalem has such a great variety of museums that you’ve probably not seen all of them during your visits to the city, even if you’ve spent three or four times in Jerusalem.  Whichever museums you decide to visit, try not to miss some of the more absolutely amazing ones such at the Tower of David (The Citadel Museum), the Wohl Museum, and the Burnt House.  All three are within 20 minutes of most Jerusalem hotels.   

Tower of David (The Citadel Museum)

The tower of David is located just inside the Old City by Jaffa Gate.  It’s within walking distance of most Jerusalem hotels.  It contains 3,000 years of history within its walls, presented in a unique way of models, holograms, dioramas, and maps. The Citadel, built 2,000 years ago by King Herod, has been painstakingly restored to its past glory.  Its chambers have been converted into exhibition rooms, and its seven galleries are located in the Citadel.  Four different tours are available, one of which takes you on the rooftops of the Citadel’s towers, where you can experience the amazing panoramic view of the city.  You might even be able to see your Jerusalem hotel.  Entrance fees to the museum are quite reasonable.

Wohl Museum of Archaeology

If you enjoy archaeology, you’ll certainly enjoy this museum.  The Wohl museum is an amazing historic find that houses remnants of priestly homes from the time of Herod the Great, some 2,000 years ago.  It’s located in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, within a half hour of most Jerusalem hotels.   

When you walk through the underground area, it gives you an actual sense of how people lived at that time.  For more information, browse some of the historical books at the gift shop at your Jerusalem hotel.  

The Burnt House

Located across the path from the Wohl Museum is the Burnt House, an excavated house belonging to a family of high priests right before the time of the destruction of the Second Temple.  Besides seeing the actual archeological remnants of each of the rooms of the house, you can experience that time of history via a bone-chilling slide show.  It depicts life just prior to the destruction of the Temple, and during the actual destruction of the Jewish Temple.  The Burnt House and the nearby Wohl Museum are located close to most Jerusalem hotels.