Jerusalem hotels – Close to Famous Museums

Jerusalem Museums Dedicated To Famous Personalities

Jerusalem is a city that breathes history, whether it’s from thousands of years ago or just a mere 40 years ago.  Wherever you turn, you’ll find reminders of ancient and not so ancient history.  The city has preserved and highlighted history through its many museums, which dot the city’s landscape.  A few of the museums commemorate the lives of famous people who have greatly influenced the country’s formation.  Find out some quick facts about these museums listed below.

Herzl Museum
The Herzl museum is located at the edge of the Mount Herzl cemetery in the Beit Ha-Kerem section of the city, which is located within 20 minutes of most Jerusalem hotels.  This museum strives to teach Zionist history through a fantastic 60-minute audio-visual presentation, highlighting modern Zionist history.  The museum also contains a replica of Theodore Herzl’s study.  If you want to venture to the nearby cemetery, you can visit the graves of such icons as Golda Meir, Levi Eshkol, Yitzchak Rabin, and Theodore Herzl.  For more information regarding Zionism and its founders, browse your Jerusalem hotel’s gift shop, where you’ll be able to find books on the subject.  

The Windmill
Located in West Jerusalem, in the exclusive Yemin Moshe neighborhood, is the unique Windmill museum.  In fact, it’s within walking distance of many Jerusalem hotels in this area.  This museum is dedicated to the life of Sir Moses Montefiore, who helped develop the Yemin Moshe neighborhood.  The windmill was erected in 1857 to provide flour to the poor people of the city.  It also served as a watchtower during the War of Independence.  The British actually blew up the top of the windmill but it was quickly rebuilt the next day.  You can actually see the windmill from some West Jerusalem hotels.

Rav Kook’s House

Rav Kook’s house, the first chief Rabbi of Israel, is located on the outskirts of Mea Shearim, which is within 10 to 15 minutes of most Jerusalem hotels.     Rav Kook is considered to be the founder of modern day religious Zionism.   His house has been turned into a museum that holds close to 50,000 archives, of which can be referenced for study.  There’s also a film about his life.  If you need directions, just ask your receptionist at your Jerusalem hotel.