Israeli Cuisine

The foods in Israel are as varied as its people.  You’ll find foods from Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and from about every other corner of the world.  Israel offers such a huge culinary selection because its people come from all over the globe.  Unlike other countries where generations have lived within the same 100-mile vicinity, Israel is a land of immigrants.  You’ll personally experience this culinary smorgasbord when you eat your first sumptuous breakfast in your hotel in Israel.    

Breakfast in Israeli hotels

You haven’t experienced a full course breakfast until you’ve eaten at one of the Israeli hotels.  Dish after dish is served, with such a wide selection that you can’t possibly taste them all.  Hotels in Israel serve the traditional eggs, cereals, fruits, salads, plus hummous, tahina, olives, assorted cheeses, shakshuka (special egg dish), etc.  You’ll need the whole afternoon to walk off the meal, or at least until lunchtime.  

Lunch time

Similar to other European and Middle Eastern countries, lunch is the biggest meal.  Meat is usually served as the main dish, with Israeli salad, tehina, hummus, or vegetables as side dishes.  Falafels and shwarma, a lamb dish, are also popular.  Hotels in Israel usually carry a wide selection of foods to cater to different palates.  American tourists can find the traditional hamburger and fries, while the English and French can order their country’s typical meals.  


In Israel, dinner is usually served from 6:30 pm and on.  Restaurants often don’t get crowded until about 8:00 pm.  Dinners tend to be lighter than lunch.  A usual dinner in one of the hotels in Israel could be a sandwich, soup, or a salad.  In fact, Israel is known for its tasty salads – Israeli salads, feta salads, hulumi cheese salads, and more.  Blintzes are a big favorite as well- cheese, mushroom, or sweet blintzes.  Desserts usually consist of ice cream, cakes, or Middle Eastern or French pastries.  The meal is topped off with a cup of regular or Turkish coffee or tea.  Israelis are huge coffee drinkers – just be careful, as the coffee tends to be on the strong side.  

Kosher food

Most of the hotels in Israel and restaurants serve kosher food.  Meat and dairy foods are kept separate and pork products aren’t served.  You won’t suffer, however, as Israeli cooks are legendary for their culinary skills.