Hotels in Jerusalem Woo Religious Travelers

What sets apart Jerusalem from virtually any other city on this earth? Is it its appeal to the business traveler? Is it a willingness to make comfortable a wide range of multicultural tourists who visit the city each and every year?  Quite possibly so, but what truly sets apart this majestic city is its appeal to the three major religions currently being practiced around the world. Judaism, Christianity, and also Islam all trace back their roots and major events to the city of Jerusalem.

Over the centuries the city was under siege time and again from one sect or another, and at times all but destroyed. Yet no matter how horrible the damage to its infrastructure, the city was rebuilt over and over by the few remaining citizens who could not bear to see its glory eradicated. Today, hotels in Jerusalem woo religious travelers of all faiths and make special accommodations during special religious feast days.  

Broken up into quarters with loosely defined boundaries, religious squabbles and differences are kept to a minimum while the unfettered practice of the major religions is firmly established in this city. Take for example the Muslim section of the city where the architecture seems to gradually change until the tourist believes to be in the midst of the Arabian fairy tales. Small alley ways contribute to the ambiance that makes this old world portion of the city an otherworldly experience. Traditional markets that practice the custom of prolonged bargaining prior to sealing a deal, smoke filled coffee houses where the rich, dark brew is part and parcel of the experience and where an order for a hazelnut latte is akin to sacrilege, and of course the famous Damascus Gate with its rich history are found in that section of the city.

Hotels in Jerusalem catering to the Christian traveler are frequently found in what is termed the Christian Quarter where the traveler will find the Via Dolorosa and the Holy Sepulcher. The Jewish section is the heart of religious tradition and worship, including the world famous Wailing Wall.

Of course, many hotels in Jerusalem go to great lengths to encourage visitors of any faiths to visit the city and stay at their locale. The Little House in Bakah is an example of a Bed & Breakfast that makes no mention of religion and faith, but instead focuses single-mindedly on providing the kind of customer service a guest of any background will enjoy and return to time and again. After all comfort, highly efficient customer service, a friendly atmosphere, and of course a traditional ambiance transcend religious affiliation, and thus it is the savvy traveler who will elect to stay at a location such as this premier example of hotels in Jerusalem.