Hotels in Jerusalem Offer Valuable Insights to Tourists

What does a hotel provide to a traveler? A place to rest his head while resting up for the activities of the next day? Perhaps it offers a place to get some work done when away from the office? Possibly it could be considered a home away from home for those who are on traveling away from friends and family and would like the easy camaraderie that is often promoted by smaller venues? The latter is the most commonly cited reasons why travelers book rooms at Bed & Breakfast lodgings, such as A Little House in Bakah, rather than relying on the services of the chain hotels. Yet did you know that in addition to all these amenities, hotels in Jerusalem offer valuable insights to tourists as well?


More than just a place to drop one’s luggage, hotels in Jerusalem are becoming base camps for those determined to experience the city at its finest – slowly, meticulously, and at the pace the city operates and not the frantic pace suggested by some many tour guides. Imagine your trip to the Old City as the historic district of Jerusalem is lovingly referred to. Sure, you could follow the tour guides and make your way around the area in a few hours, guide book in hand and camera ever ready to snap the pictures at the suggested scenic points, but why bother? Instead, why not take in the city wall, the ramparts, and the many gates?


Use the Bible as your guide book or purchase a historically accurate book that dwells on this beautiful portion of the city with the honor due it. Better yet, speak to the concierges at any of the hotels in Jerusalem that value customer service and tourist relations more than the big chain hotels, and you will find inside knowledge that is not readily available through even the most lauded guide book. Follow the suggestions given by those in the know and experience the Old City at night when it is lit with the floodlights that provide a magnificent impression of this ancient metropolis.


Hotels in Jerusalem will also help the world traveler understand the expectations of the faithful inhabitants of the many different areas of the city. Remember that Muslims, Christians and Jews as sharing this venue and religious observances differ greatly. While visitors are welcomed, respect for the traditions and observance of the rules of conduct is required of anyone who wishes to be welcomed within the city gates of Jerusalem. Many a traveler is fearful of doing the wrong thing and thus will avoid visits to some of the most spectacular venues, but the savvy world traveler understand that the hotels in Jerusalem who truly cater to their clientele wish to make them feel welcomed no matter where they go, and knowledgeable personnel will counsel the willing guest as to the proper behavior and some do’s and don’ts.