Hotels in Israel – You’ll notice the changes

Israel has Grown up in the Last 20 Years

If the last time you’ve been to Israel was 20 years ago, you’re in for a shock.  The change starts the minute you land at Ben Gurion airport – even before you arrive at your hotel in Israel.  Long gone are the days that you exited the plane on the tarmac and hopped on an Egged bus to collect your luggage and meet friends or family.  Today, you exit the plane and walk directly into the airport.  It’s just not any airport – it’s an airport that has won international acclaim as being one of the finest, most modern airports in the world.  It houses enough stores (duty-free) to compete with the best indoor malls around.  

The changes continue once you leave Ben Gurion’s doors.  You’ll notice the changes as soon as you walk about 30 feet from the exit doors: the Ben Gurion train station.  Trains can transport you to most of the major Israeli cities.  Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheva, and Jerusalem are all within 2 hours from the airport.  These high-speed, air-conditioned trains can get you to your hotel in Israel in comfort and ease.  The trains are on time and are reasonably priced, and have adequate storage space for luggage.  

If trains aren’t your fancy, you can hail a taxi to take you to your hotel in Israel.  Once you leave the airport, you’ll notice an additional change – a modernized highway system.  Highways, equal in par to any of those found in Europe or the States, can get you to your destination in record time.  Gone are the days where you only had one or two options to get to your destination.  If you plan to go North or South, you can take the ultra-modern toll-road, highway 6.  It runs from East of Hadera to Kiryat Gat in the South (not far from Beersheva).  

When you finally arrive at your hotel in Israel, you’ll be in for one last surprise.  Today, Israeli hotels offer some of the finest amenities, on par with some of the best hotels in the States or Europe.  Top amenities such as wireless access, flat screen televisions with satellite or cable, and fitness centers are often standard in Israeli hotels.  You’ll experience the difference when you sit back, relax in your bed, and watch CNN T.V.; that is, after you answer your emails on your laptop.