How to get to one of the Hotels in Israel from the Airport

You’ve just traveled close to 15 hours to get to Israel, and you’re dead tired.  All you want to do is go to your hotel room, put down your luggage, and rest for two hours.  The only problem is you haven’t planned how to get to your hotel in Israel once you’ve arrived in the country.  Our suggestions can help you navigate your way, whether your hotel is located in the North or South of the country.  

Besides your family or friends picking you up, the next best option is taking a taxi. Just outside the airport’s exits, you’ll see tons of taxi drivers waiting to take you to anyone of the hotels in Israel.  A word of advice though – make sure you’re either charged a decent price or insist that the driver uses the meter.  You don’t have to tip either – it’s included in the fee.  Simply tell the driver which hotel in Israel you’re staying at and you’ll be on your way.  

Haifa and North
If you’re heading up North, the most convenient and comfortable way to travel is by train.  Trains are located directly outside the airport’s exits.  The only problem you may encounter is if you have a lot of luggage to lift.  Otherwise, the fare is extremely reasonable and you have the chance to either sleep or enjoy the countryside.  Haifa has a few stops, so even if you’re not near your hotel, simply call a taxi from the station.  If you’re planning on staying in the Galilee or Golan, continue to Nahariya, which is the last station, and call a taxi.  Prices are going to be a lot cheaper than if you would have taken a taxi from the airport.  Again, unless you get an outstanding price, insist that the driver uses his meter.  


If your hotel in Israel is towards Beersheva, take the train.  It goes directly to the city.  If you’re going even further south, then get off at the Beersheva train station and continue with a bus or taxi.  You should have no trouble making the connection.    

Israel is a small country, so no matter what mode of transportation you choose, you’ll get there in a reasonable amount of time.