Zoos near your Hotel in Israel

Seeing Israeli Zoos while you’re Staying at your Hotel in Israel

If you’re looking for a different side of Israel, why not visit the country’s zoos.  Tourists usually visit the usual tourist sites such at the Western Wall, the Israeli Museum, Tel Aviv beaches, etc, but the Israeli zoos can be provide a lot of fun for the kids.  One of the country’s zoos is bound to be located next to one of your hotels in Israel.  

If you’re staying at a hotel in Israel in the North, don’t miss the Gan Ha’em park in the Carmel neighborhood of Haifa.  It also includes the added bonus of the Museum of Prehistory and the Biological Institute.  The Gan Ha’em park is a 7.5 acre zoo that houses approximately 350 animals of 100 different species.  Its reptile collection is quite impressive, as are its water bird exhibit.  

Ramat Gan (Tel Aviv area)
Since Israel borders Africa, it’s only fitting that the country has its very own safari.  The Zoological Center of Tel Aviv, also called the “Safari,” is located about 15 – 20 minutes from Tel Aviv.  The Safari has an amazing 250 acres of land where animals such as zebras, hippos, giraffes, or just about any other African safari animal, are allowed to roam within their area, except of course for the enclosed aviary and reptile areas.  Monkeys are housed in a special enclosure as well.  Just like in a real African safari, you can drive through the park and see the animals from the comfort of your own car or from the park’s vehicles.  If that’s too much excitement, the Safari also has a traditional zoo.  The Safari is a must-see attraction – ask any staff at your hotel in Israel.  Kids will especially enjoy this animal park.  

This city is usually known for its religious grandeur and history.  But it should also be praised for its Biblical Zoo, located in the Southwest area of Jerusalem.  This zoo covers an amazing 62 acres of land in an area of rolling hills.  When you’re in the midst of the zoo, you have no idea that you’re in Jerusalem. The zoo is located minutes from the train station, so its location is ideal.  If you need help finding the Biblical Zoo, just ask your hotel receptionist, as most hotels in Israel are familiar with this zoo.