From Nahariya to Tel Aviv, by Train

Imagine sitting back and relaxing, enjoying the countryside, while you’re traveling from Haifa to Tel Aviv.  It’s no dream! It happens every day on the trains in Israel.  You no longer have to fight the traffic and congestion when touring Israel.  The Israeli railway system provides modern, efficient rail service throughout the country. It makes travel extremely convenient, as most hotels in Israel are located fairly close to train stations.  

Let’s say you’re staying in one of the hotels in Israel in the north, in the seaside town of Nahariya. You want to travel to Tel Aviv and visit some of the malls, museums, and beaches, but you’re not looking forward to spending three hours behind the wheel in a congested, 4 lane highway.  What do you do?  Ask your hotel receptionist where you can find the closest train station, as most hotels in Israel are familiar with the railway system.  Travel time from Nahariya to central Tel Aviv is a mere hour and a half.  Two of the train stations are even located at entrances to malls.  From the Tel Aviv train stations, your minutes away by bus or taxi from the city’s museums, shops, and beaches. Before you take the train, ask your hotel receptionist for some specific ideas, as most hotels in Israel are familiar with tourist attractions.  

With the recent re-opening of the Jerusalem – Tel Aviv line, you can also enjoy a relaxing ride in one of the new sleek, comfortable coaches to the holy city.  Its picturesque ride through the Judean mountainside matches any European train excursion.  You’ll wind through flat farmland, steep hills and winding ravines.   Your ride ends in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Malha, just minutes from the Malha Mall, the biggest indoor shopping center in the Middle East.  Once you’re there, you can also visit the Old City or Central Jerusalem – it’s only a 20 minute ride by taxi. If you want to know about other places to visit in the city, just ask a hotel receptionist or concierge at any one of the hotels in Israel. 

When you’re ready to leave Israel, you can take the train directly to Ben Gurion Airport.  Most hotels in Israel can tell you where to find the closest train stations, and how long it would take to arrive.