Jerusalem Hotels – Walking Distance to Old City

Jerusalem Hotels – Walking Distance to the Old City
Never far from your Jerusalem hotel, the Old City is a site to remember.  Years after a Jerusalem trip, people will still recall their time walking the streets of the Old City.  With its endless grandeur and magnificent history, the Old City is must-see on any Israel vacation.  It’s home to three of the world’s religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – and is divided into four quarters – The Jewish Quarter, the Christian Quarter, the Muslim Quarter, and the Armenian Quarter.  Just ask your receptionist at your Jerusalem hotel for a map of the Old City.

The Jewish Quarter
Jews have been living in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City for almost three thousand years.  The only time that Jews didn’t live in this section was the period from 1948 until 1967.  During that time, many of the synagogues, stores, and homes were destroyed.  Since 1967, however, the Jewish Quarter has been totally rebuilt.  Million dollar homes line the cobblestone streets.  High-end shopping can be found in the Cardo, which is the newly excavated area from the times of the 6th Century B.C.E. Byzantine Jerusalem era.  You can find priceless Judaic art and other artifacts in its shops, comparable to any gift shops found in any one of the Jerusalem hotels.

The Christian Quarter
The Christian Quarter teems with visitors all year round, but especially during Easter and Christmas times.  Jerusalem hotels are extremely busy this time of year, so make sure to book your reservation months in advance.  This section contains the famous Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which, according to Christian tradition, is the place where the crucifixion, burial, and rise of Christ occurred.

Muslim Quarter
The Muslim Quarter is the largest and most populated of the four areas of the Old City.  If you walk its meandering paths you’ll find plenty of bargains in the open-air markets.  If you bargain right, you can purchase items at half the price of what you’ll find at Jerusalem hotels.

Armenian Quarter
This quarter, the smallest of all the areas, houses about 500 Armenians.  Don’t miss the Armenian Museum, which contains Armenian art and documentation of Armenian history.  If you have trouble finding the museum, just ask for a map at one of the Jerusalem hotels in the area.