Jerusalem Hotel – Sounds of Israeli Music

Hearing the Sounds of Israeli Music at your Jerusalem Hotel
As you walk through the streets of Jerusalem or even sit in your Jerusalem hotel, you’ll feel as though the sights, smells, and tunes of Israeli and Jewish culture surround you.  Jewish culture has a rich and diverse history of over 3500 years, and nowhere is this greater felt than in the field of music.   In fact, Israel has become the focal point for Jewish musical diversity as Jewish immigrants from all over the world have settled here in the last 100 years.  If it’s Klezmer music, Sephardic tunes, Mizrachi favorites, etc, you’ll hear it on the streets and even in your Jerusalem hotel lobby.

Here are some of the main types of music you’ll hear probably throughout your stay at your Jerusalem hotel:

Israeli folk music
When you hear an Israeli folk song, it probably reminds you of the times of the founding of the State of Israel or the 1967 war.  Israeli folk songs are still popular today and Israeli dancing often accompanies the songs.  In fact, you can find Israeli folk dancing in just about any major Israeli city.  Nahariya (a coastal city three hours away from your Jerusalem hotel) has free Israeli folk dancing along the sea during the summer months.  Even if you don’t want to dance, just watching them is a real cultural treat.  You’ll be astonished at how many Israelis know the dance steps by heart – and it shows.  It’s like one professionally choreographed dance, one after the other.

Klezmer music
No visit to Israel would be complete without hearing some Klezmer music.  Klezmer music has its origins from 15th century Eastern Europe, and fuses old tunes with new styles.  Klezmer music is very popular at weddings and is making a revival among the younger generation.  During late July or August of each year, Tzvat holds the famous Klezmer music festival right after Tish A’Bav.  The concert is so popular throughout the country that most Jerusalem hotel staff can give you information about the exact dates of the concert.

Mizrachi music
Mizrachi, or Middle Eastern music, is extremely popular in today’s Israeli music scene.  It combines the sounds of the Mediterranean, Arabic, and Greek music all blended into one.  You’ll probably hear it on the radio in your Jerusalem hotel room.