Hotels in Israel – Visiting Metulla in the north

If you’re staying in one of the hotels in Israel in the Upper Galilee, don’t miss spending a few hours in the most northern city of Israel, Metulla.  Metulla, perhaps best known as one of only two Israeli cities that have an ice skating rink, is located about 5 miles north of Kiryat Shmona.  It’s a small town, with roughly 1,500 residents.  When touring the area, you’ll notice how peaceful and uncongested it is, especially when compared to the center region of the country.  It’s almost as if you’re in a different country.  

Baron Edmond de Rothchild founded Metulla in 1896.  The early settlers of the city were Russians escaping the pogroms and farmers of central Israel.  Throughout the years, Metulla residents have suffered adversity, but in the end, the city and its residents have travailed, with its lush landscape, beautiful homes, and some of the most hospitable hotels in Israel.   

The Good Fence

Up until the end of the first Lebanon War, in 2000, the Good Fence was open, which was the only official border crossing between Israel and Lebanon.  Today, the Good Fence no longer exists.  

Hiking around Metulla

Metulla offers great hiking at the Ayun canyon nature reserve where you can hike through the Ayun valley, which has a magnificent waterfall.  Three other waterfalls are located throughout the city as well.  Less than 20 minutes away is the famous Tel Dan Reserve, where you can spend hours hiking through its meandering trails.  It’s also accessible for disabled people.  Ask any one of the nearby hotels in Israel for directions.  In fact, most hotels in Israel carry brochures about the Tel Dan Reserve.  

The Canada Center

The Canada Center is a complete, all-in-one sports center, similar to those found in European cities.  In fact, it is one of the biggest sports centers in the country.  It features the following sport facilities:

– An Olympic-sized ice skating rink (one of only two in the country)

– Indoor and outdoor swimming pools

– A bowling alley

– Basketball and squash courts

– A soccer field

– Plus much more.  

The center even has four restaurants on its premises in case you get hungry after a good work out.  Most of the hotels in the North provide maps and further details about the center.