Hotels in Israel – Visiting City Parks

Visiting City Parks in Israel

One park usually comes to mind when you’re thinking about green expanses in an otherwise concrete city – Central Park.  Israel has its own Central Park – Park Hayarkon.  Not far from any point in Tel Aviv, Park Hayarkon offers an oasis among the blaring horns and endless concrete of the city.  Most of the hotels in Israel can give you directions to the park.  

Let’s say that you’ve just arrived in the country and you want to spend a nice relaxing day with your family in a park setting that offers some different activities.  Your receptionist at your hotel in Israel recommends the Park Hayarkon in Tel Aviv.  She tells you the park provides the following atmosphere and activities:

Gardens and more
Park Hayarkon has tons of gardens and picnic areas, an artificial lake, and of course, the Yarkon River.  Although it’s forbidden to swim in the river due to pollution, it still attracts a large variety of birds such as storks and herons.  Large Eucalyptus trees line the banks of the river.  They provide lots of shade for the hot, muggy summer months.  If you need to buy a picnic basket, just ask your receptionist at your hotel in Israel where you can purchase one.  


If you like to bike ride, then this is the park for you.  Many hotels in Israel offer bike rentals.  Bike paths are plentiful and the level of difficulty is minimal – the park is almost completely flat.  Start biking from the west side of the park and continue eastward with the river.  It can take a half-day to navigate the park, especially if you stop to enjoy the “Rock Garden,” the “Tropical Garden,” and the “Bird Park.”  The “Rock Garden” also has a nice display of cactuses.  


Even though the river is polluted, there are areas where you can still enjoy kayaking, sailing, and paddle boating.  The south section of the river also has a marine center that you can explore.

Other fun

Besides boating, you can play miniature golf, go wall climbing, or play just about any other sport you want on one of the many fields.  When you’re finished playing and spending time in the park, you take a well-needed nap at your hotel in Israel.