Hotels in Israel – Traveling within Israel by Plane

Traveling within Israel by Plane

Although Israel is a small country (roughly the size of the state of Rhode Island), you can still travel from one part of the country to another by plane.  What can take seven hours by car can take only one hour by plane.  That’s a big help if you have only 10 days to visit Israel.  Imagine flying from Haifa to Eilat and arriving at your hotel in Israel in under an hour and a half.  You arrive relaxed and ready to hit the town.  So how do you find out airport locations?  Read below and you’ll be on your way to one of the many hotels in Israel in no time at all, regardless of location.

Airport Locations
Besides Ben Gurion airport (near Tel Aviv), Israel has other airports in Sde Dov (located in north Tel Aviv), Eilat, and Haifa.  These three locations are extremely convenient – you don’t have to hassle with the long lines and a huge airport complex as in Ben Gurion.  Parking is easy, and even free at Haifa airport.  Anyone of the hotels in Israel that you’re staying at can give you directions to the airport, or you can easily take a taxi to get there.  

Once you arrive
Once you arrive at one of the three airports, you can easily rent a car to nearby locations.  Let’s say you’re staying at one of the hotels in Israel in Nahariya and you want to travel to Eilat.  By car it can easily take 8 hours, which practically wastes a whole day.  Your other option is to drive to the northern part of Haifa (approximately 30 minutes), board a plane at the airport, and arrive at your hotel in less than an hour and a half.  The whole trip from Nahariya to your Eilat hotel would only take a total of two hours.  Not only have you shaved off six hours from your trip, but you also arrive relaxed and eager to see the sites.  

It doesn’t end there.  Now that you’re in Eilat, you can easily enter Jordan or the Sinai desert (Egypt).  All that’s required is a valid passport that doesn’t expire within three months.  

By taking a plane from Haifa to Eilat, you’ve just opened up a whole new dimension to your Israeli vacation!