Hotels in Israel – Staying in Eilat

Hotels in Israel – Visiting the Most Southern City in the Country

Maybe you’ve visited Israel a countless number of times and are looking for something a bit more exotic for your next trip.  Most people visit Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Haifa area, but few make it down to the southern most city of the country – Eilat.  Eilat has changed immensely in the last 10 to 20 years.  Today it has nearly 60,000 residents and some 12,000 hotel rooms.  That’s not even counting the numerous smaller bed and breakfasts and time-share units.  Eilat has truly turned into an economic powerhouse, where hundreds of thousands of tourists spend money each year.  

Choosing where to stay

Choosing where to stay can be a difficult decision.  With so many hotels in Israel, and especially in Eilat, it can be a daunting task to choose the one that best suits your needs.  If you search the web for “hotels in Israel, Eilat,” you should come up with roughly 30 or so choices.  Now, to narrow your choices, look up hotel reviews for five or ten properties that meet your needs.  To further assist you, ask yourself some key questions.  Do you want to stay at one of the hotels in Israel along the boardwalk, or do you prefer being more inland, away from the crowds?  Does the hotel have to have a fitness center on its premises?  Maybe you’re searching for a hotel that offers suites that can accommodate up to 5 people.  Once you’ve narrowed your search, either book a reservation for one of the hotels in Israel in Eilat online, or call the hotel directly.  Some hotels even offer discounts if you book online.  

Choosing what to do

Eilat has tons to offer the tourist, but it might take a few trips to this desert oasis to see all the sites.  To help you decide where to go and what to see, many Eilat hotels have tour/information desks.  These “desks” can book day-trip excursions for you in a matter of minutes.  Some examples of amazing and unique day trips are excursions to Timna Park (20 minutes north of Eilat), jeep tours through the desert, or visits to Bedouin tents, where you’ll be able to taste the Bedouin homemade pitas.  

Whatever you decide, you’re sure to have a rich and memorable vacation in this sun-drenched city of Eilat.