Hotels in Israel – Shopping and Boardwalks

Hotels in Israel – Shopping and Boardwalks
Finding the right deal or perfect gift is always difficult when you’re on vacation.  You want to buy something unusual that you’ll remember your trip by.  You’re tired of going to the usual department stores or brand name stores where you can buy the same item in almost any country.  So where do you find that special “something” when you’re visiting a foreign country, like Israel?  Try shopping at any one of Israel’s boardwalks where you’ll find exotic gifts specific to Israel.  

Finding a boardwalk in Israel
Boardwalks are located in any one of the major Israeli beach cities, close to many of the seaside hotels in Israel.  Some boardwalks only offer shopping certain days of the week so make sure to check with the receptionist at any one of your hotels in Israel.  Other boardwalks offer shopping practically 365 days of the year, except for the Jewish holidays.  

One of the finest boardwalk experiences in Israel is in Eilat, which is open almost every day of the year, no matter how hot it gets.  It’s one of the longest boardwalks in the country – it stretches for about two or three kilometers.  It’s extremely easy to get to as it’s located within minutes of most of the hotels in Israel in Eilat.  The view from the boardwalk is amazing – you can see as far as the eye can see, with the green-blue waters of the Red Sea acting as a backdrop.  In the distance, you can see Jordan.

If you want to catch some sun before your shopping extravaganza, just make yourself comfortable on one of the many lounge chairs located about 50 feet from the boardwalk.  The best part of the Eilat beach experience is that the beaches are free.  If you didn’t know that you were in Israel, you might think that you’re on some exotic tropical island.

Now for the shopping – tons of vendors line the boardwalk with their unique wares, at reasonable prices.  Whether you’re looking for some beautiful, 
Eilat stone jewelry, hand made bracelets, or desert style clothing, you’ll find it at the boardwalk.  In fact, prices are usually 10 – 20% cheaper than you’ll find in gift shops in hotels in Israel.  Just make sure you bring along a big enough bag to carry all of your gifts.