Hotels in Israel – Packing Safe

Packing Safely for your Trip to one of the Hotels in Israel

In order to maximize your safety and lessen the possibility of theft, certain precautions should be taken before traveling, whether you fly within the country or internationally.  Flying to Israel is no different, even though Israeli airlines have the tightest security in the world.  The last thing you want to worry about before you board the plane and when you arrive in your hotel in Israel are potential safety concerns.  Listed below are our “safety packing tips” to ensure a safe and easy journey.  

Avoid wearing or packing valuable jewelry or hard to replace items  
If you don’t want to stand out as a potential target, leave your expensive jewelry at home.  This even applies when you’re traveling on the plane.  Instead, bring costume jewelry or less expensive jewelry that doesn’t cause so much attention.  If you feel that you must wear a fancy necklace, then wear it when you’re in a fancy restaurant in one of the hotels in Israel that you’re staying at.  That way, you’re not leaving the premises to walk in unknown areas.  

The same goes for irreplaceable family objects and unnecessary credit cards and I.D. cards.  Go through your wallet or purse before the start of your trip.  Bring along only one or two credit cards and your driver’s license and any health insurance cards.  

Items to stay at home
If you plan to use traveler’s checks, then make a copy of the serial numbers and leave it with a family member or friend.  Nothing is as embarrassing as reaching for your traveler’s checks to pay for dinner at your hotel in Israel only to find out that your traveler’s checks are missing.  

Make copies of your passport and airline tickets in case you lose them or they’re stolen.  Leave the copies with a family member or friend.  Provide your contact with a copy of your itinerary in case a problem arises and they need to contact you.  


Bring any medicines, whether over-the-counter or prescription meds, in their original bottle.  Liquid medicines can only be taken up to three ounces in a carry-on bag, but there are exceptions.  If you forgot to bring your medication, or if you need some over-the-counter meds, just ask your hotel receptionist where the closest pharmacy is to your hotel in Israel.