Hotels in Israel - Little Known Facts About Eilat

Most tourists know what to expect when they visit the ancient city of Jerusalem or the modern city of Tel Aviv.  Even Eilat brings to mind some pre-conceived notions – sun, snorkeling, and nightlife.  But Eilat offers more than that.  Read below to find out some other great things that Eilat offers.  


Eilat has over 30 amazing, medium to large sized hotels.  In fact, it has some of the nicest hotels in Israel – four to five star properties with countless amenities.  These hotels in Israel compare to any luxury resorts found in the world.  Fitness rooms, Olympic sized pools, spas, sumptuous buffet breakfasts, and LCD televisions are just some of the amenities offered.   Some hotels even have indoor malls, so that when the temperature really heats up, you don’t have to venture into the hot midday sun.  Designer shops in these malls match any of those found in Paris or New York City.  

What happened to the V.A.T.?

Here’s a big surprise – no V.A.T. (value added tax) to pay in Eilat!  From your hotel in Israel in Eilat (non-Israelis never have to pay V.A.T. on hotel stays), to your shopping extravaganza in one of the city’s numerous malls, you won’t have to pay the extra tax.  This amounts to a huge savings of 15.5%.  Imagine you want to purchase a $2,000 Eilat stone necklace.  Instead of paying $2,310 ($310 for V.A.T.), you walk away only paying the price of the jewelry – $2,000 flat!  You’ve just saved over $300 since you purchased it in Eilat.  

Here’s another great example of how you can save money because of no V.A.T. in Eilat.  Let’s say you’re an Israeli citizen and your visiting from Haifa.  You’re about to pay the bill at your Eilat hotel and you notice that you’re not charged for V.A.T.  You’ve just saved yourself a big chunk of change as compared to staying at any one of the other hotels in Israel for the same time period.  

Open markets and street fairs

Besides the countless malls, Eilat offers alternate shopping experiences such as those found on the boardwalk along the Red Sea and the city market fair, held Mondays and Thursdays in the center of town.  You can also visit the artist’s fair in the city on Fridays, where you can buy handcrafted art, jewelry, and clothing.