Hotels in Israel - Beaches and Boardwalks

What often comes to mind when picturing a trip to Israel is its long, sandy beaches and uninterrupted sun.  Israel has close to 300 sun-filled days per year where the sun, beach, and fun don’t end.  People returning from an Israeli vacation often seem relaxed and are usually suntanned.  Numerous hotels in Israel line the Mediterranean and Red Sea, giving you ample choice of four and five star luxury hotels as well as smaller, more personal boutique type hotels in Israel.  

Nahariya and North
The beaches of Nahariya and those north are some of the best-kept secrets of the country.  Tons of hotels in Israel dot the landscape along the Tel Aviv coast but few people venture up to the seaside town of Nahariya and its surroundings.  Beach season in Nahariya usually starts after Passover, but the crowds don’t come until school is over in late June.  From early July to right before Rosh Hashanah, the beaches in this seaside resort are jam-packed.  Restaurants line the sea’s boardwalk where you can relax comfortably on sofas and wicker lounge chairs within just a few feet from the shore, while listening to music or watching television on big-screen TVs.

If you want to go swimming, look for a beach that has a lifeguard on duty.  Most of the hotels in Israel in the north can tell you where these beaches are located.  If you’re looking for less crowds, the farther you venture from the center of the city, the less crowded are the beaches.  However, from late September to May, most Nahariya beaches are empty.  If you’re searching for real privacy, drive about ten minutes north of Nahariya to Aziv, where you’ll find open sandy beaches comparable to those in the Caribbean.  Similar to a tropical island, the water closest to the shore is a light aquamarine hue and then slowly fades into a deeper, richer blue.  

If you’re searching for a real slice of Israeli culture, take a walk on the northern side of the city’s boardwalk where you’ll find some great Israeli dancing.  From early July to early September, hundreds of locals dance to sounds of Israeli folk music.  If you don’t want to join in, just watching the people folk dance is almost as fun.  You’ll be amazed that almost everyone knows the steps by heart, dancing in perfect unison.