Getting to Know the Roads from your Jerusalem Hotel

When you arrive in Israel and start driving on the Israeli roads, you’ll be impressed with the overall design and ease of the highway system.  If you have a map, then it’s pretty simple to navigate the different highways and to get to your destination from your Jerusalem hotel.  The only thing you should keep in mind, however, is that Israeli drivers are a bit impatient when driving – you’ll hear a lot of honking and see a lot of tailgating.  The best piece of advice is to be patient and give yourself enough time to reach your destination from your Jerusalem hotel.   

The highway numbering system

When you start driving from your Jerusalem hotel, you’ll notice that the highway numbers are clearly marked.  Roads are either numbered in single, double, triple, or quadruple digits.  Single digit roads are considered major highways.  These highways are well-lit and the roads are usually in good condition, with multiple lanes on each side.  In fact, your driving experience is similar to driving on any highway in the States.  Double digit numbered roads are main roads but differ from single digit roads because they usually have fewer lanes, lower speed limits, and have traffic lights.   These roads are still quite convenient, fast (except during rush hour), and well-marked.  Triple digits numbered roads are regional roads and are a bit harder to navigate.  You’ll need a good map to reach your destination from your Jerusalem hotel.  As far as four digit roads, odds are that you won’t drive on any of them unless you need to get to a very specific location off the beaten highway.  Again, make sure you have a good map.  

Other things you should know

Odd numbered highways or roads run east to west, while even numbered roads go from north to south.  Israel has one toll-road – highway 6.  You can connect to highway 6 by taking highway 1 west from your Jerusalem hotel.  It’s a super modern highway that takes electronic snapshots of your license plate when you’re traveling on the 6.   No need to slow down or take out change at a tollbooth.

If you need specific directions, just ask your hotel receptionist or concierge as most Jerusalem hotels can give you good directions.