Getting Around Jerusalem

Like most major cosmopolitan cities throughout the world, Jerusalem provides plenty of public transportation options for getting around town.  You can either choose to take one of the country’s legendary Egged buses or one of the city’s famous taxis.  Most Jerusalem hotels can direct you to the nearest bus stops, and taxis are usually lined up in front of most hotel lobbies.  Whatever transportation mode you select, you’re sure to enjoy the Israeli experience.

Egged buses run throughout the city, late into the night, and operate Sunday through Friday afternoon, as well as Saturday night.  Tickets can be purchased from the driver or at the Central Bus Station.  The Central Bus Station, located about 20 minutes from most Jerusalem hotels, is a lively microcosm of Israeli life and culture.  You’ll see people of all walks of life – businessmen, students, children dressed in Chasidic clothes – standing in lines for the different routes.   Intercity fares are very reasonable, and you can even purchase round trip tickets for a discount.  If you’re planning to stay at your Jerusalem hotel for a few days, you can buy a multi-fare ticket which offers 11 trips for the price of 10.

One of the best kept secrets in Jerusalem is Bus 99, a double-decker tourist bus that shows you the city’s main sites, with complete explanations in eight different languages, in only two hours.   You can depart the bus at any one of the 27 stops along the way.  Ask your hotel receptionist for more information as most Jerusalem hotels are familiar with the double-decker.

If you’re in a hurry or need to arrive at an exact address and don’t feel like walking far from your Jerusalem hotel, you might consider taking a taxi.  Jerusalem is famous for its colorful taxi drivers.  They’ll tell you their life story in the first five minutes and ask you for your’s.   Just make sure you agree on the fare before you enter their taxi, or insist they use the meter.  Fares are extremely reasonable, especially if you share the ride with a few people.

Next time you’re in Jerusalem, experience the city in all its beauty by taking one of its many buses or taxis.  Your Jerusalem hotel should be able to either direct you to local bus stops or call you a taxi.