Family fun in hotels in Israel

Taking your Parents and Children to Israel

It’s more and more common that extended families take vacations together, especially to far away destinations like Israel.  With people living longer and in better health, grandparents are able to travel with their children and grandchildren, and actually keep up with them at a reasonable pace.  The trick, however, is to plan a vacation that meets the needs of all three generations.

So how do you successfully plan a family vacation?  Your first goal is to research and choose the hotels in Israel that best meet the needs of everyone involved.  If your parents are looking for a spa resort atmosphere but your kids are small and they’re hard to control in an adult type setting, then you might need to compromise.  What about booking one of the hotels in Israel that’s not a spa resort, but has a Jacuzzi and sauna?  You might want a hotel that offers bicycle rentals for your family, or your kids might want a recreation or game room with tons of board games and pinball machines.  Just make sure that you choose the hotels in Israel that make everyone as happy as possible.

Properly selecting your trip’s activities is equally important.  Can your parents take strenuous hikes, or do they need to walk on flatter ground?  What about your kids?  Are they old enough to walk by themselves, or do you need push them in a carriage?  Will they enjoy visiting museums, or will they not appreciate them?  Lots of museums have kids sections or kid-friendly exhibitions such as the Israeli museum and the Diaspora museum.  Pick a few of the places that cater to both your children’s tastes and your parent’s preferences as well as your own.

The last secret in planning a successful family vacation is choosing the right places to stay.  Do you want to take three days to travel down to Eilat, or would you rather spend that time traveling to the Golan?  Maybe you want to stay in one of the hotels in Israel on the Northern coast, where you have easy access to the Western Galilee.  Whatever your decision, make sure you get adequate input from your parents.  Just remember that you’ll be in close proximity with each other for the length of your vacation.  You want to make everyone happy, including yourself.