Dressing Down in a Jerusalem Hotel

Israelis are known to be one of the most informal people when it comes to dressing up.  Whether for a wedding, Bar mitzvah, business meeting, or even for a job interview, Israelis tend to dress down.  The atmosphere in a 5 star Jerusalem hotel is the same – laid back and casual.  You won’t find the same ambience in 5 star European hotels.  It’s refreshing though, as people aren’t as pretentious as in other countries.  So what do you pack for your trip to a Jerusalem hotel in order to dress like the locals?   Read our tips below to give you a better idea what to bring on your trip.  

Men’s wear
It really depends upon the purpose of your trip.  If you’re going on a business trip, bring along a pair of slacks and a button down shirt (in addition to your non-business ward rope).  Ties aren’t needed even for a job interview or a business meeting with Israeli clients.  Many Israelis even wear sandals for business meetings.  If you feel uncomfortable wearing sandals, pack a pair of nice casual dress shoes.  You won’t look out of place.  If you forgot to pack a nice pair of pants or shirt, simple buy one in one of the Jerusalem hotel shops.  

If you’re visiting the country for a vacation, then pack casual clothes.  Bring a few pairs of jeans, shorts, one nice pair of pants, and some short-sleeve shirts.  If it’s winter, you’ll obviously need to pack a few sweaters and a coat.  No need to bring a suit jacket or a tie, as even 5 star Jerusalem hotel restaurants don’t have a formal dress code.  

Women’s attire
Women in Israel also dress very casually, and sometimes a bit revealing for the non-Israeli person.  If you’re going on business, then pack a pair of comfortable slacks or a skirt with a blouse.  Business suits are hardly ever worn, even in the nicest of Jerusalem hotels.  Bring along comfortable shoes or even sandals, as most women wear open-toed shoes.  

If you’re visiting for pleasure, then pack casual.  Bring a few pairs of jeans, some shorts, and a skirt in case you want to visit some religious sites.  A swimsuit is a must during spring and summer.  If you forgot to pack something, don’t be alarmed – you can easily purchase almost about anything at most Jerusalem hotels.