Day Trips from your Jerusalem Hotel

Israel is such a compact country that you can travel to just about anywhere from Jerusalem within two to three hours, excluding Eilat.  Most Jerusalem hotels have day trip excursions to the most popular sites throughout Israel.  If you’re staying at one of the Jerusalem hotels that don’t offer day trips, then ask them for one of their travel brochures.  

So now you’re ready to take a day trip from your Jerusalem hotel with your friends.  Where do you go?  Try the North – it offers unsurpassed beauty.  Visit the countless national parks in the Western Galilee and the vast plateau of the Golan Heights.  From the Golan, you can see southward all the way towards the Sea of Galilee, Israel’s largest freshwater lake.  If you relish wine tasting, you’ve come to the right place.  Stop in any one of the wineries that dot the countryside and purchase special reserve wines at reasonable prices.  You might be able to find the same wines in most Jerusalem hotels, but you’ll be missing out on an amazing winery experience.

If you’re searching for vibrant nightlife, attractive beaches, and cultural offerings, visit the Tel Aviv area. It matches any Mediterranean city in its amenities!  Just take a stroll on Dizengoff Street or along the boardwalk at 2:00 am on the weekend and you’ll notice that all the clubs, bars, and cafes are jam-packed.  It seems as though this city never sleeps.  Tel Aviv also offers expansive beaches, free of charge in the city center.  If museums are your preference, don’t miss such favorites as the Eretz Israel Museum Complex, the Hagana Museum, and the world renowned Museum of the Jewish Diaspora.  It relates the story of the Jewish community for the past 2,500 years.  

In the south of the country, not far from your Jerusalem hotel, you can take a day trip to the historic Dead Sea and relax in its soothing, medicinal waters.  You can also experience the therapeutic effects of the area’s numerous health spas and hot springs.  No visit to the region would be complete without exploring the awe-inspiring Ein Gedi Nature Reserve.  Its cascading waterfalls, desert flora, and endless hiking trails transports you back to prehistoric times. 

If you have additional time to spend on day trips, just ask your hotel receptionist for further ideas.  Most of the Jerusalem hotels are familiar with day trip options.