Child Friendly Museums Near Jerusalem Hotels

When traveling with children, you might not have the chance to visit all of the great museums that a city has to offer since they might not be geared towards children.  That’s not the case when you’re staying at one of the Jerusalem hotels in Israel.  Jerusalem offers a number of choices of kid-friendly museums, where both adult and child can enjoy the visit.  You won’t have to worry about kids complaining that they’re bored at some of these top Jerusalem museums.  What’s even better is that they’re located just minutes from most Jerusalem hotels.  You can visit one of the museums for half of day, take a nap in your Jerusalem hotel, and still have time to see other sites in the city.  

The Bloomfield Science Museum
This museum is a great child-friendly, hands-on museum.  You don’t have to worry about kids breaking any priceless artifacts, as the museum is specifically designed for kids.  Its interactive exhibits arouse the curiosity of children and teach them about science in a fun, relaxed manner.  Local science fairs and competitions are also held on site.  Just ask your receptionist at your Jerusalem hotel for directions, as most people who have lived in or around Jerusalem have visited the museum as children.  

Israel Museum (Youth Wing)
Not only is this museum great for adults, it also offers a fantastic youth wing, geared entirely towards younger people.  Its interactive activities, such as in the recycling room, where kids actually make art out of recycled material, are a great way to get kids excited about art.  If your children like to read, the kids’ library contains about 7,000 books in several different languages that they can browse.  The museum even provides a playground on site to burn off steam.  The museum is located in the Giv’at Ram section of the city, within 15 minutes of most Jerusalem hotels.  

Ammunition Hill
Ammunition Hill is dedicated towards the Six-Day War.  It’s the actual site where some of the fiercest battles were fought during that war.  The actual museum’s building is housed in a reconstructed bunker.  Thousands of Israeli children visit Ammunition Hill to learn first hand about history.  If you want to read more about the battles at Ammunition Hill, just browse for books on the subject in the gift shop at your Jerusalem hotel.