Booking the Perfect Jerusalem Hotel

What can make or break a vacation are the accommodations.  Imagine spending seven days in a far-away location (i.e. Israel) in an amazing five star Jerusalem hotel, complete with full breakfast and around-the-clock pampering.  Now picture the opposite scenario – seven long and exhausting days in a run-down, three-star hotel in a noisy environment.  How can you ensure that you choose a Jerusalem hotel similar to that in the first scenario?  Read our tips below to find the best possible hotel for your budget.

Travel agent
Let’s say you plan to travel to Jerusalem.  Have your travel agent recommend a few top Jerusalem hotels as they’re usually an invaluable source of information.  Just make sure to seek the advice of one you can trust or one who comes highly recommended.  Otherwise, a scrupulous travel agent might be more interested in selling you a package deal (including hotel, airfare, rental car, etc) for a higher commission than a more moderately priced, better quality hotel without any add-ons.  

Family and friends
Some of the best advice where to stay can come from family and friends.  Although they may not know your budget, they probably know your taste.  They’ll know if you’re comfortable in staying at a smaller boutique hotel rather than one of the bigger chain-type hotels.  They’ll know if enjoy large, scrumptious hotel breakfasts, or if you prefer a quick cup of coffee to go.  In fact, Israel is known for its huge, fresh breakfasts available at most Jerusalem hotels and other lodgings throughout the country.    The one caveat – don’t lose a friendship over a bad recommendation.  

Online sites
In today’s automated age, the Internet is a great resource for finding that perfect hotel.  If you don’t have a particular hotel in mind, conduct a general search.  Say that you want to find a boutique hotel in Jerusalem.  Type in “boutique Jerusalem Hotel” and you’re bound to come up with several listings, such as the site for Little House in Baka.  This site (Jerusalem-hotel) contains tons of pictures, from the lobby to the dining area, from the outside grounds to the newly renovated family units.   No more guessing what your Jerusalem hotel will look like upon arrival.  You can relax and start planning other details of your trip.