Beaches near your Hotel in Israel

What often comes to mind when planning a vacation to Israel is its religious sites, ancient history, and great Mediterranean climate.  Along with the spectacular weather, Israel has some of the best beaches in the region.  The traditional beach season is from mid-April to late-September, although the beaches are accessible year-round.  If you’re staying in the coastal region, your hotel in Israel is never more that 20 minutes away by car.  Beautiful white beaches span from the most Northern point in Israel (Rosh Hanikra) to Ashkelon in the South.  

What to know before you go in the water
If you plan to go swimming in the Mediterranean, you’ll need to know a few facts first.  Although you can venture into the water in the majority of places, it’s best to head the signs and only swim at a beach with a lifeguard on duty – Israeli beaches are known for heavy riptides and undercurrents.  Even good swimmers need to pay attention to the signs posted.  The signs are written in Hebrew and English, so you should have no difficulty following the instructions.  Flags are also posted to warn swimmers – a white flag means that it’s safe to swim, a red flag means use caution, and a black flag means don’t enter.  If you’re still in doubt as to the water’s safety, ask one of the receptionists at one of the many coastal hotels in Israel.  

Not only are there riptides and undercurrents, jellyfish are plentiful during the month of July.  The other thing to be aware of is that no matter how sandy the beach appears to be, just taking a few steps into the water can land you on the shore’s reef.  The reef is often slippery with a light covering of moss so you need to use extra caution when entering the sea.  

Activities on the beach
Israeli beaches are known for their paddleball players.  If you’ve never played paddleball before, you can rent some paddles at most hotels in Israel.  It takes some practice, but after a few days, you’ll be playing like a pro.  If paddleball is not your cup of tea, then just relax on the beach but be careful of the sun.  Protect yourself by buying sun tan lotion at any one of the hotels in Israel.