Arranging trips to Jordan

If you’re looking to expand your Israeli vacation from just visiting Israel, then book a trip to Jordan or to the Sinai at any one of the many hotels in Israel.  Booking a day trip to Taba (Jordan) or to the Sinai is also possible from home, but prices probably won’t be as good as booking the trip directly from one of your hotels in Israel.  Visiting these two destinations can add a real thrill of adventure to your Israeli vacation.

How to book your trip
Most hotels in Israel, especially those located in Jerusalem and Eilat, have a service desk that arranges trips within the country and day excursions outside Israel.  What’s great about hotel “service desks” is that they usually have the experience and knowledge of traveling to neighboring countries.  No need to worry about passport requirements, etc, as they can readily inform you of any necessary details.  On the other hand, if you were to plan your own trip over the border, it could be quite complicated and costly.  You would have to rent a car, pay for parking, research passport requirements, and so on.  That’s not mentioning the risk you take traveling without a professional guide in a foreign country, without knowing the language, customs, or culture.  

Taba is the Jordanian city just over the border with Israel.  The border crossing (the Yitzchak Rabin terminal) is just three kilometers north of Eilat.  If you’re staying in one of the hotels in Israel in Eilat, it’s just a matter of minutes before you cross the border.  The terminal is open seven days a week except for certain Jewish and Muslim holidays.  Check with your hotel for exact dates and times.  

Passports need to be valid for at least three months in order to enter Taba.  There’s a $15 fee to enter Taba and another five dinars to exit Taba.  No rental cars from Israel are allowed to enter the country.  

Traveling into Sinai (Egypt), which is located about ten kilometers south of Eilat, is similar to traveling to Taba – passports need to be valid for at least three months and there’s a $15 crossing fee.  However, unlike Taba, Israeli rental cars are allowed to enter the region.