Archeological Ruins Located Minutes from Your Jerusalem Hotel

A visit to Israel is not complete unless you see some of its spectacular archeological sites.  If you’re staying in one of the Jerusalem hotels, you won’t have to venture far to experience a taste of history.  You’ll find an archeological site within a half-hour from most Jerusalem hotels.  Listed below are a couple of the major locations you can visit.  

City of David

This archeological masterpiece is a must-see.  It’s located just outside the Old City’s walls, less than a half-hour from most Jerusalem hotels.  The City of David, built during the time of King David, some 3,000 years ago, was situated alongside the First Temple (built later by King David’s son, King Solomon).  Excavations of the City of David began in the middle 1800’s and continue even today.  You can personally experience the beauty and awe of the City of David by taking one of the site’s amazing tours.  It starts at the tour’s observation point which overlooks Biblical Jerusalem.  The tour then descends down under where you’ll see first-hand archeological finds that were discovered within the last 150 years or so.  The tour continues until you find yourself wading through the Gihon Spring.  Make sure to take shorts, sandals, a flashlight, and a towel.  It’s an experience you’ll never forget. You can get a complete description, pictures, and a map of the City of David at your Jerusalem hotel’s gift shop.   

Upper City

The Upper City refers to the residential area located on the Western hill of Jerusalem during the time of the Second Temple, close to some of today’s major Jerusalem hotels.  This area was inhabited by the affluent as well as the high priests during that time period.  After the Old City was captured during the Six Day War, excavations of the Upper City began.  Dwellings that were buried for 2,000 years were uncovered.  Today, you can take an amazing tour of the Upper City remains including some of the actual rooms with stone furniture still intact.  It’s located under the new buildings of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City.  You can even watch an extremely emotional movie in an underground amphitheater depicting a family’s life right before and after the destruction of the Temple.  

Once you return to your 21st century Jerusalem hotel accommodations, you’ll be able to rest up for some more Jerusalem sight-seeing.