Appreciating the Ease of Doing Business When Working With a Premier Jerusalem Hotel

What is one of the most commonly heard complaints travelers have when reserving a room at a Jerusalem hotel – or virtually any hotel? Is it the cost of the room or the lack of available suites? Perhaps it has to do with the failure to provide pictures that help a potential guest to envision what she or he is actually reserving? While all these are valid points and quite frequently on the minds of travelers, it is actually the difficulty many experience when trying to reserve a room! It may be hard to believe, but the notion that customer service is reserved only for those physically present on the hotel’s premises has led to a business model that completely disregards the needs of the potential guest. Furthermore, it has made a bit of a mockery of the many mission statements and slogans that claim to put the traveler first. This applies to the average Jerusalem hotel as well as any hotel anywhere in the world.

Appreciating the ease of doing business when working with a premier Jerusalem hotel, such as A Little House in Bakah, is therefore easy to do; if you are not convinced, consider the following:

> The average traveler, whether for business or pleasure, will most likely utilize the Internet to research available accommodations, pricing, and amenities. What a breath of fresh air to find a website that clearly lists not only the location of the Jerusalem hotel, but also pinpoints it on a map to help the traveler understand where they will be staying in relation to major landmarks.

> Contacting the hotel to ask questions is not usually required, but if you do have a question, you want a phone number that will not send you to a generic switchboard where the actual hotel location will have to be determined. Instead, this Jerusalem hotel very clearly has its address, phone and fax numbers as well as email address listed on each webpage of its site. 

> The fine print is quite often a bone of contention when doing business with a hotel. Not so with a Little House in Bakah! This Bed & Breakfast does not need to hide its terms and policies in the next to invisible fine print, but for those who are preparing to make reservations via the Internet, this premier Jerusalem hotel is quick to spell out its terms and conditions. 

> Helping potential guests understand what to expect is always a sore point for hotels in general, since many of the mainstreamed operations lack the personal touch that would cause the guest to rave about the service received. After all, a clean room, a good meal, and a nice atmosphere should come standard and thus not require special accolades; for A Little House in Bakah this is most certainly true, but the various comments from guests who stayed at this Jerusalem hotel showcase that customer service is routinely taken to the next level.